Hey Chaps

In September I was supposed to Join Hms Raleigh to begin my Phase 1 training.
I Had been through the recruitment process for 18 months to become a mine clearance diver.
Passed all prerequisites PEDA etc to be told a couple days before leaving for training the navy had overlooked my medical history and i would not be able to join.

I had previously suffered from mental health issues having served in Iraq as an infantryman In the British Army. I had been free of symptoms for longer than three years yet when i received a call couple days before flying i was told because i had been under treatment for more than a year i was ineligible.
I had been upfront from the start about all this but apparently the civvie doing the medical missed all this.
I was left heartbroken as this meant everything to me i had also given up my council house and left my job.

Anyway enough of the sob story.
I was wondering if the Medical standards are the same or different for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary?

I'm determined to pursue a career at sea yet i have no qualifications or experience and i'm afraid at 27 i'm too old to begin an apprenticeship with the merchant Navy.

Could anyone provide any details about medical standards and if possible the best way to go about persuing a career at sea outside of RN.

Thanks in Advance
I suspect you'd need to undertake the new RFA apprenticeship scheme if you'd like to join as a rating - this path doesn't have an upper age limit, and at 27 you're unlikely to be the oldest on the course.

The RFA Recruitment Process is at:

Unlike the RN, for the RFA you'll need an ENG 1 medical certificate:

Call RFA Recruitment on 08456 04 05 20 who should be able to direct you further.

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