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Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2011


War Hero
Heads up for tonight BBC1 1830hrs This years event has a maritime theme. With the combined band of the Royal Marines, presenting the core service
A maritime hostage rescue operation conducted in text book fashion on board a hijacked vessel i.a.w. stringent ROE and Health & Safety regulations, i.e. conducted in total silence with no helicopter sound effects, no rapid-roping, no flashbangs and no firing of weapons.

Have you ever seen such a boring RN/RM display before?


War Hero
:-DNice tune Macca .... The Dragons Roar, sure i heard a bar or two from Daedalus??? or just wishfull thinking Ps just a mention of the lady field gunner !!!!!!!!!!!! Suppose she would have been tailor made for the Flying Angel in old money ;P


War Hero
Couple of questions, why was the 2 ringer who led out the NEPTUNE (Brickwoods) Field Gun Crew wearing a kilt while in rig, and with a hoofin great hairy sporran to boot! Was this a 100% legal rig? If not, how did he get away with it?
Because it was in Scotland?

This does bring up another question though:

Why was the Edinburgh Tattoo, with it's jingoistic Scottish themes, spared from the cuts when the Royal Tournament had to go, which had something for everyone?

Did enjoy the Dutch Mounted band on their bicycles, those crazy Dutch guys. I did spend a bit of time admiring the backside of one of the frauleins of the Alpine band (not the blonde one with the dodgy barnet). Why didn't the BBC bring us more of this?


War Hero
The edinburgh militry tattoo is absolute CRAP .The saving grace was the royal marine band but ony cos of the evening hymm and sunset .I have never heared of most of the other knobbers .Bycycle F F SAKE i ask you


War Hero
why do I get a strange itch in my eyes every time I hear the Sunset Hymn? Anyone else suffering from this strange malfunction ?


War Hero
This does bring up another question though:

Why was the Edinburgh Tattoo, with it's jingoistic Scottish themes, spared from the cuts when the Royal Tournament had to go, which had something for everyone?

Just a thought, not the DS solution; the Royal Tournament was MoD owned and operated as a showcase for HMAF. The (Royal) Edinburgh Military Tattoo is a commercial enterprise in which HMAF have MoD approval to participate. The current state of the tattoo does raise the question, 'who put the tat in tattoo?'

1830 unless you're a pongo.


Lantern Swinger
Book Reviewer
It's for the yanks and the wrinklies anyway.

I am sure that some years they use the grandstands for other events such as Cliff Richard and Donny Osmond, basically more stuff for the wrinklies.

Anyhow is always sells out so probably makes plenty of dosh, I wonder if the MOD run Royal Tournament was able to cover its costs?

On the more positive side there is normally a Brittish Legion event that makes free use of the facilities as well, I went to this one year and one of the pipers was very drunk, it was hilarious.
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