Royal couple head for Caribbean

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Royal Visit

    A decade ago they would have had 200 odd matelots to keep them company.
  2. More like 500, you forgot the Royal Yacht gaurdship
    Plus the entourage of flunkies from Buck house including ' royal toothpaste squeezer and tie knotter'
  3. Further details here. The yacht MV Leander is owned by Sir Donald Gosling who served as a 17-year old Able Seaman in the cruiser HMS Leander in 1946. The best of 'Grippos', he has donated much of his NCP fortune to Royal Navy charities and is an Honorary Commodore in the RNR.
  4. Couple of points

    We are now such a poor nation that the heir to the throne has to travel on commercial flights and get discount deals for chartering a yacht. Where has our pride gone?

    Secondly if he is trying to cut his carbon footprint, perhaps he should have got a yacht with sails rather than diesels.
  5. Perhaps this?


    Or a hybrid like this?


    Either way, I bet they would have cost the Exchequer a fair bit more than the discount price offered by Sir Donald for Leander. Perhaps the sum saved by using his yacht instead of a sailing alternative (even smaller ones than these) vastly exceeds the notional carbon offset price involved.
  6. [​IMG]

    I was thinking this
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Don't forget bthe Guard boat as wel as the guard ship. Chum of mine was boned for OOG for this during Cowes Week. D of E was on board Britannia with his buddy Uffa Fox. Slot for press pix etc came and went. OOG doing Cod-war stuff to stop Press boats getting to Britannia's gangway. Fox came down the ladder and rolled into his own boat to go ashore. Still no sign of D of E. Press baiting OOG with "Is it true the Duke's p'ssed?" type questions. OOG keeping quiet, thinking how good it will be for him to feature in the tabloids as "Naval Officer denies Duke was drunk". OOG told me it was the only time in his entire career that he had carried a loaded sidearm.
  8. First sign of a cold snap and off we go on another " "will reinforce Britain's ties with the important Commonwealth countries" in the West Indies tour.

    This is one person in the Royal Household I simply have no time for!!!

    Just waiting for the day when one will tell one this is the person I love and will marry and not what "Royal Advisers" say is the right person for me.

    That Royal person I feel will then be closer to its "SUBJECTS"
  9. Backpacker - I served with HRH. Before passing too much judgement on him, take a look at this webpage to see what his own charity, the Prince's Trust, has done for people. Then look at this webpage and this webpage to see how many other good causes he and the Duchess work for, day in and day out.

    Finally, look at this webpage to see how many engagements he and the Duchess performed last year:

    How many tens of millions of pounds did you help raise for good causes last year and how many people did you help get jobs, start their own businesses, have enough to eat or even just stay alive?
  10. Besides sponsoring a child in the third world out of my small disability pension and private pension. The widows mite comes to mind!!

    Not counting the countless marathons and half marathons ten milers long distance walks for cancer research, RNLI, guide dogs for the blind, local handicapped childrens school who gave me a certificate for raising cash for a splash pool after the local education people said no cash available. And many many more.

    Not forgetting the gurkha appeal when we first entered the Cambrian March long long ago.

    Caernarvon Investure comes to mind stood. He waved to me as he was passing him and his mam!! And his gran and Aunty Margaret. Nobody else just me! I was so proud :bball:
  11. Backpacker - I just don't like people taking cheap shots at those who do so much good but are unable to defend themselves. It looks like I was guilty of doing a similar thing myself so I apologise.
  12. Naval_Gazer, when you don't have a proper job and you are rolling around in unearned cash you need a hobby. Incidentally one of the best things Labour did was to get rid of that floating gin palace that is rusting away in Leith.
  13. Ok, confess - who woke the republican up?
  14. I certainly have no objection to a sensible discussion on whether or not we remain a constitutional monarchy or become a republic, but I do find the personal insults thrown around at various people to be symptomatic of the general lack of pride in our nation. All this stuff about how much money Chraly boy has saved on this trip really shows how mean and lacking in pride this nation has become. The debate on the existance is a totally different thing. If we were a repubic we would still need people doing just what Charles is doing today, and if we are to have any place in the world and some respect it needs to be done with some style and panache, not as a bargain basement deal.
  15. Agree with Maxi. I know HMY Britannia needed replacing with a more efficient vessel but I'm sure she paid for herself a hundredfold by furthering our diplomatic interests, earning big bucks for UK plc and other intangibles. The yacht was a star attraction all over the world, especially with our Head of State embarked, and gave our oversea trade delegations a distinct advantage over their competitors. Now they host their potential customers in exorbitantly expensive but nondescript hotel conference centres, just like everybody else. Even when the yacht was engaged on the odd Royal cruise, she formed part of the mystique that drew paying tourists to our country.

    Obviously some people would prefer our country to loll in dull, dour mediocrity rather like Eastern Europe in Communist times. If we ever reach that stage, perhaps HRH will resign himself to spewing bile on internet forums as his 'hobby'. In the meantime, he'll continue putting his efforts into working for the benefit of other people, including the ungracious and the ungrateful.
  16. We have a Scottish, socialist, Presbyterian prime minister who is throwing money down the health and social security drains - is it any wonder we've gone "cheap"! This country lost pride in itself after May 1983, when we forgot the swelling pride of being British following the Falklands. Unfortunately, the Royal Family are a visible symptom of Britain, a target to be disdained by those who forget what Britain is about and can't see further than the public purse with no regard for what is gained in return.
  17. uhhmmmm ..... i take it that includes all those overpaid and underworked,expense grabbing excuses for politicians in the house of commons and the scottish parliament. :money: :money:

    or is it cheap shot at the royals day?????

    ps not much of a royalist but such a crap statement couldn't resist the bite :dwarf:
  18. The sycophantic drivel that is trotted out never ceases to amuse me. Maybe one of the supporters could explain to me what the Windsor’s have to do with having pride in the United Kingdom?
  19. Not that I'd call myself a "sycophant", but put it this way: imagine the thought of Johnny Foreigner when he sees us sending our future head of state on discounted commercial flights and holidays. What's that going to do for his perception of how stingy we are as a nation? We should have pride in our institutions, in our culture and in our history - three areas this present (mis) government has sought to erode for nigh on 11 years.
  20. Uhmmmm pot calling kettle. i think that one should look at ones bullshit rantings before one posts dear chap. chin chin :thumright:

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