Rowing the Alantic

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Chicogiz, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. Wow you know Lt Orlando Rodgers he is rowing the alantic. What i life for him as he was on commando on the frontline and now this, What a bloke.

    I found this out on and didnt see it being said on here.

    Good Luck
    Lt Rodgers
  3. There seems to be an in-explicable urge in Booties (and ex) to go off and row Oceans. Well done guys.
  4. Doubly impressive when you realise neither had rowed before! Both have interesting biography's too. One passed out of RM YO training aged 19, the other was a booty sniper before taking his Corp commission and leading a Troop in Iraq.
  5. Cheers Harry

    You might hear of an ex bootie skiing up north in a cold white place in a few years time!! *cough*
  6. Go for it, oppo. 2000 km ski within the arctic circle, I hear? :dance:

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