Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Joe_Crow, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. Just set up and used my new router, without the aid of the manual (which has gone missing somehow) and was wondering if anyone has any useful tips. :D

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Make sure no-one else can log onto it by setting a security key. You could try googling the mae for a possible online manual. 8)
  3. I've already googled for a manual without success. I don't believe security to be an issue, though there is no key.
  4. The user name and password to get in to the system setup will be:


    Firewall set to medium is just fine.
  5. I can't see any way to enter a password, but I am happy with the factory settings.
  6. Just be aware that without a security key anybody within range can use and abuse your internet connection which could make it slower...

    What make and model is it?
  7. Not sure of the make, but the model is 'Excel'. As previously stated, I don't believe security to be a problem.
  8. Go to on your browser, and you should see the front page of the router. Going in to change any setting from there will usually mean you need the user name and password. It is an idea to change the firewall to medium. Too little and you're vulnerable, too much firewall and you can prevent certain services working
  9. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Is your router wireless or hardwired Ethernet only? If wireless, then you really need to lock it down to prevent other people's browsing activities being carried out on your Internet connection. If you have a non-wirelss router then you're probably correct in your statement that security should not be a problem.
  10. I concur...
  11. Joe, you of all people should be aware of TEMPEST - this is effectively what can happen if you don't secure your router, especially if you live less than 100m from either a road or other houses. WiFi? Pah!

    For manuals (on anything) try 3w.diplodoc com - it's brilliant!
  12. Right, now I'm completely confused.
  13. No worries mate. In the address bar where you usually put just type

    That will take you to the setup interface for the router. You can then do all sorts of wonderful things
  14. It isn't wireless.
  15. In that case, ignore everything in my first paragraph!!
  16. Happy days...
  17. What's a router?
  18. One of these, didn't work on my computer though, just made a mess
  19. What's a computer?
  20. Here's a lady one

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