rottweiler attack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brazenhussy, Dec 31, 2007.

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    Although I feel sorry for the parents, this sort of dog should be got from a puppy, and trained and bought up with a family- not entered into a family 2 years into its life.
    These dogs need respect and proper training, time, patience, devotion, understanding and energy.
    They are not status symbols.

    I have a 26 wk old staffy- who goes to puppy school 3 times a week, and who, touch wood, is at the moment the most laid back dog on the planet- but it takes a lot of time and patience (hence my resolution!!).

    I do feel for the parents- but I dont the dog was the sole culprit-
  2. A dog at 2 years old is just starting to become an adult dog. Big powerful dog small child not a good recipe. All my sympathies to the family I cant pretend to know how they are feeling so wont. This will put the argument for tighter controls of as the tabaloids say "Devil Dogs" back into the front line. Dogs are animals if not trained correctly they will bite if :

    Pi**ed Off
    Playing (all animals will do this)
    Scared by outside sources

    This is my own oppinion and not a trigger for a s*it fight on RR. I dont think it is what the family would want.
  3. BKS- I didn't post it for a cyber fight- I respect your opinion totally- it is much the same as mine- big dog left with a 16 yr old in charge of of 2 other young children plus a baby is indeed a recipe for disaster.

    If it came across that was my intention then please feel free to have this post banned / deleted as i do not wish to cause offence.
  4. As a dog lover I was shocked to read the following report on ARRSE: Dangerous Baby Attacks Dog. The eulogies to Satan are especially sad ... er ... I mean, sick.

    I don't have a dog, but if I did I would have two springer spaniels - I'd like to see any baby try to start on them!

  5. Typical chav family with a typical chav 'don't fvck with me, I've got a well hard dog' dog. Every time you see a report of a kid getting torn apart on the news it's always the same, young mother, chav family, deprived area, obligatory 'well hard' dogs.

    Rotwiellers are not suitable as family pets. They are big, intelligent but can be rather belligerent dogs bred originally as attack dogs. The big problem with a 'bad' Rotwieller is that the breeds 'quiet' nature makes them particulary hazardous as they don't tend to bark when annoyed, they just size up the situation and attack, and when they do you will get very badly hurt.

    They need a strong willed owner who will keep them occupied, well exercised and not allow the dog to become dominant… a bored Rotwieller is a dangerous Rotwieller as they are intelligent dogs that will ease their boredom by indulging in destructive behaviour.

    I'll bet dollars to donuts the dog was kept locked up on it's own in the back yard as a guard dog… it was bored and a toddler is just the right size for it to regard it as a plaything.
  6. Once again we have the demon dog and the ever so loving family moaning there child. I do feel for the family before anybody kicks off. I have seen at first hand what a powerful dog can do in seconds. Yes seconds!!!

    And once again we have the pack system. Who is the Alpha and who is the Beta of the pack.

    You are the Alpha and make sure the dog always knows it is the Beta or Delta.

    That ever so loving big dog when he brushes up against you so friendly so caring. He is actually testing your strength when he brushes against you. Never let him win that tug of war another indicator of the pack system.

    Friend I know has a rottie last time this kicked off some knob charged across the road and booted her dog.

    Get that fecker away from my kids shouted pond life. It was on a lead and across the other side of the road.

    Would he have done that if it had been a man out walking his dog! I doubt it! If the rottie had been vicious which it was not would he have charged across. Could have been another headline rottie attacks man out walking with his children.

    I detest the likes of one knob who spouted out in the messroom. "Just bought a rottie have you seen what the pups are going for" You got the money you got the dog!!

    One knob pulled up when I was walking my white german sheperd long ago enquiring if I would like to breed it earn some good cash mate.

    I wouldn't have sold him tomato plants never mind a GSD pup.

    Never had any problems with the GSD dogs I have owned I was Alpha and this is my family pack you are the protector and part of the family.

    My small Heinz 57 from the rescue has been with me now for nineteen years a more faithful friendly dog you would not find.

    Plenty of small dogs waiting for a loving home at the rescue.

    And with Christmas now over the Christmas pups will soon be hitting the rescue centres. Plenty of old dogs that where dumped to make way for the new Christmas pups or that faraway Christmas holiday also looking for homes.
  7. Not your post mine no offense taken/given.
  8. Staffy dogs are soft as brushes but unfortunately get mistaken for their more nastier cousins Pit Bulls.
    My friend has had Staffys all his life and wouldnt have anything else.
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm with you on this one HB, I've had four Spaniels, mad as hatters the lot of them, but not a bad bone in them. Current model is a Sprocker who we took in at 12 months, nervous as hell of everything when we first had him, now still twitchy at times but has more control over Mrs janner than I have ever had :dwarf:
  10. I agree completely about the chav family bit:
    Do you remember Princess Annes dog attacking a visitor in a park? It got the dog put down and the Princess a criminal record.
    ps I do agree that as you say no dog must be allowed to become dominant. The owner must always be the leader of the pack.
    And, as you say a dog left in a back yard will regard it as their territory, and defend it, child or not.
  11. Ah Springers… a wag with a dog attached!

    I miss our one.
  12. Will this become the first tombstone in the bone orchard to be engraved in total textspeak?

    I bet the poor wee lad's Nan's well miffed; all them bunches of flowers and teddy bears stacking up in her back yard and that.

    Well that's the benefit safe, then.
  13. The bottom line is that ANY dog of whatever breed, even if trained, still has the potential to attack, injure and kill.
    The mildest mannered dog let loose in a field of sheep can do terrible damage.
    It is that responsibility that anyone considering buying a dog has to take on board.
    My advice for what it is worth is to always buy a puppy, once you have seen the animal with its' mother, and, to remove and train it as soon as practicable.
    In N.E. Spain puppys are usually removed from their mother at between four and five weeks. The logic is that they have less time to form a permanent attachment to the mother, and, will then transfer that longing to the new owner.
    It seems in my experience to work very well.
    A terrible way for that family to learn a lesson.

  14. The family of benefit scrounging inbreeds won't learn any lessons. Daughter will get herself knocked up again ASAP to safeguard the benefit money.
  15. My sympathies go out to the ambulance crew that went out to try to save the poor childs life. I'm not disputing that it's my/their job but i know what those people must be going through and my thoughts are with them.
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm sorry, I seem to have missed something here: a child deserved to die because it was a member of a "Chav family"?! Fer fecks' sake - get your sanctimonious middle-class heads out of your arses.

    Now imagine the same story, reported as follows:

    Today, a one-year-old toddler was mauled to death. Tarquin Sebastian Blenner-Hassett, heir to Lord and Lady Blenner-Hasset's estate in Gloucestershire... etc., etc., etc.

    Let's leave the semantics and rhetoric out of this until more is known about the family's circumstances.

    RIP. Happy New Year... :roll:
  17. hmmmmmmmmmmm-- don't think anyone said "deserved" to die-- but quote me if i'm wrong?............
  18. "Becki, who lives in a Wakefield flat, has refused to return to the death scene. Yesterday she was being comforted at a secret address by jobless Damian, who does not live with her, and her family."

    Knocked up as soon as she turned 16, boyfriend is jobless and don't live with her in her (council) flat, kid has typical semi literate chav parent hypenated christian name 'Archie-Lee'… Nan lives in a shithole area, neighbours say the dog was very agressive…

    I think we know ALL we need to know about that family.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    So the dead child's parents [sic] may not have the best choice of lifestyle, but does that have any bearing on the fact that they have lost their kid? Do you have any comprehension of what trauma they are going through? Does that make the toddler's life less relevant? They may not have conformed to your ideal of a perfect British citizen, but I cannot fathom where the hostility has come from. Or is it easier to be a 'sheep' and just jump on the holier-than-though bandwagon?!

    And by the way, we all know that neighbours are a good source of information, especially when the journos are waving their cheque books in the air... :?

    "D'ya hear there: The Christmas Spirit has now left the ship. Everyone go back to their normal routine!" :roll:
  20. I had a Rottwieller for 10 and a half years, which is a good age for one of this breed, got him as a pup, got plenty of TLC as any pet should get. I never had one bit bother from him, he was well treated and loved. It really pisses me off when something like this happens, it is always made out to be the dogs fault, (scapegoat)
    What was this dogs previous 2 years history? no that doesn't matter to some people, but it should, to them with young children, but no it's a case of, look at me I've got a big Rottie.
    I do feel for the family, but not always the fault of the dog.
    Rant over.

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