Rotten through and through

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, May 5, 2009.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Anybody expect anything other than self-serving deceit ANYWHERE in NuLabour? After all that was the established leadership style.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    It's great to watch Labour self destruct. :p

  3. And we are going down with them......wake up voters :idea:
  4. Considering none of the electorate had a say as to whether they wanted Brown as PM, I can't wait to help vote this shower of shite out of office.
  5. This is hardly new. The Labour Party knew what was going on back in 2006-07 but for far too long continued backing Miranda Grell, the Labour Councillor for Waltham Forest Council who falsely and maliciously claimed that her Lib Dem opponent was a paedophile. In Court following her prosecution, she was barred from standing for office for 3 years and fined. Even after her appeal failed she still saw nothing wrong with what she had done claiming that everyone did the same thing. Maybe she knew something back then that the rest of the electorate did not?

    Her website (2009) shows despite testimony from several people under oath in court against her and despite her conviction, she is still claiming she was wrongly convicted.
  6. You have never elected a PM, the Queen asks the person most likely to be able to form a stable government to be PM. This is normally the leader of the largest party but can be any one. It was such a process hat brought Churchill into power as PM, no one elected him to that role.

    The fact that right from the very start Brown had been promised the job when Blair stepped down was one of the worlds worst kept secrets, so every one that voted Labour at the next election should have known the TB had sai that he would not stand again so some time during this parliament you were going to get Browm. The sham election they held for the party leadership showed us the whole labourr party understood the deal and stood by it.
  7. Anyone fancy the job of Lord Protector?
  8. The one thing that would guarantee prison sentences for a lot of politicians and senior civil serpents would be an enquiry into Bliar's and Nu Liebours actions leading up to the invasion of Iraq. Never mind the whitewash, bullshit and spin.


    RM :thumbleft:
  9. To be fair, and I do understand that many will say why, I do think that dear old SH had just a little to do with the problem. It suited him for every one especially he neigbhors to believe he still had WMDs in defiance to the UN and USA. It improved his standing both at home and in the Arab world. He just played the game a bit too long so that when he finally fessed up that he had really destroyed the lot no one believed him.

    Where I will blaim Blair/Brown is that they set up a culture in government where all the news had to follow the party line so civil serpents were and still are I ssupect spinning the evidence at all times and on all things to fit governent policy. We saw that on the Gurkhas only last week where the cost of letting them stay/in was sexed up to be a bigger figure by using old data and maxing upo the costs. It would seem that when a minister asks a question the first response from the serpent is what answer do you want, the fact are then manipulated to fit the required answer.
  10. The Brits and the Septics knew that there were no WMD's which is why Bliar supported Bush in forcing the UN Weapons Inspectors led by Hans Blix out of Iraq before the invasion. If you remember Blix was calling bullshit on the Anglo-American spin about WMD.

    Politically all the checks and balances of British democracy were circumvented by Bliar aided and abetted by the Serpents. As rotten as Nu Liebour have been in Domestic policies, they have been ten times worse on Foreign policy.

    Bliar, Brooone and assorted Serpents [including Sir John Scarlett] will walk away scot-free for all the wrongs that they have visited on the British people but an enquiry into Bliar's foreign policies could see him in dock in the Hague facing war-crimes charges. Which is why the spin has now gone into overdrive about Iraq being a success story; better place; fledgling democracy yada yada.

    The spectre of a public enquiry has scared many Whitehall rats. :roll:

  11. Blix is no better than the rest of them, he was all for SH having WMDs until his job was binned, then as if by magic there were in his opinion no WMDs. Do you not remeber hin standing before the UN saying that the SH dossier on the destruction on the WMDs would take months if not years to analise, next thing he is out of a job and the whole scene changes, strange that. The only slighly amusung thing out of the whole affair was the SH was literally hoisrte by his own petard. If he had caved in a bit earlier Bush/Blair/Brown would not have been able to railroad every one into war.

    The bit that Bush in particular and Blair should really be taken to task for was the total mismanagement of bot Afgaanistan and Iraq post the demise of the Taliban and SH, who were totally separate entities, even if they were equally evil, and make no bones about it they were evil.
  12. That may be the case, Maxi, but even so I didn't vote for anyone in the Labour Party, and as they've proven themselves no different to the Labour Party of the 70s that brought the country to it's knees then, it would have to be an absolute idiot that votes them in again. As somebody else has already said, there are people out there who would vote for a monkey if it wore a red rosette.

    As for Her Maj, she may be the head of state but in reality she is just a figurehead and does what she is supposed to do, not what she wants to do.

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