Rothiemurchus Lodge Aviemore

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by broadsword666, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi Mates have any one check this place out it a great place for family's and friends and for active weekends here is the web Site

    please check it out and see what you think .
  2. Why are civil serpents :pukel: included
  3. Oi, I was one of those... once!

    Looks the perfect meeting place for a RR reunion. Is the accommodation dormitories or single cabins. If the former can I book a bed in the all male mess? :biggrin:

    I volunteer to be Rum Bosun! :love5:
  4. I was in the Cairngorms last week, rothiemurchas forset is absolutely beautiful
  5. Nice place, used often for AT expeds ;)
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    If you use the place in the skiing season the guy who runs it (Dougie, I seem to remember?) can book ski passes at a discounted rate and has ski equipment for hire at stupidly cheep prices. It is also a stunning place to stay in the summer, easy access to the Cairngorms.

    Mostly dormitories with a couple of family rooms Steve, I'm sure they'd let you have a family room all to yourself :whew:
  7. I took the family there when doing the tour of the Highlands, having stayed there for an AT with a slightly over keen 3 ringer, now a rear admiral. Good, simple lodge, good for families who don't mind the self catering way of doing things and good prices (excellent actually). Cairngorms are nearby, there's a water-sports activity centre just down the road with an alright bar, and the walks around the area, up and down Glen Feshie are refreshing. Recommended for those who don't want a 5* hotel.
  8. Hi Mates Just Back from spending a week up at the lodge it was just a relaxing week the bar was open Notice at all the oldes Dougie Left about 5 yrs ago the Chat running it Know is Ex Royal Scotts his Name is George Gaff and he is doing a great job There is now a Bar on site so if you dont want to jomp down the hill and then back again with a skin full. It alway seems farer going up than down. just had a great time meet a few friends and had a few good nights in the Bar. but you will have to try it out.
    Its a great place for stag nights. or quite weekends.

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