Rothiemurchus leadership course

Evening folks,

I am in the process of joining up to the senior service and recently got invited to the Rothiemurchus (forgive the spelling auto-correct is trying to say it is actually "Christchurch") Lodge this coming Tuesday.

I was just wondering if any one on here will be attending what seems like a fantastic but short trip to the Cairngorms. I was not sure what forum to put this in and my quick search really only produced recommendations about the place which does indeed seem pretty ace.

Anyways as a newbie to the site I have got to say it is cracking especially the tales of minor misdemeanors, if I can cram in some proper drinking sessions while getting through my task book with gusto then I only wish for an experience half as good as some of the folks on here had :)

I did it last august. There was a huge amount of PT and leadership tasks so be prepared for that! It was good fun but really tiring.

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Thanks for the heads up Duthie. If I am honest, fitness will be my downfall on this trip, after I passed my fitness test I just reverted back to being a piss head and going out with the lads most nights and only very recently started working on it again. When it comes to the PT I think i will be in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. At the very least it's a bit of a wake up call to get my shit together in case I get an earlier start date than expected.

Sol thanks for the link I had a quick gander at it and place looks much better than I imagined, don't know if it will be part of it the trip but i would love to do a bit of abseiling :)

Tegr will send you a pm mate.

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