Rotherham News Round-Up!


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Yes! Read by literally tens of people world-wide, it the Rotherham News Round-up!

A TERRIFIED couple in their 80s have been held up at knifepoint in their own home by two thugs.
The yobs – described by police as "despicable" – produced a blade and demanded money after sneaking into the house in Winney Hill, Harthill, Rotherham when the man popped outside to fetch coal.
Today police said they were "open minded" about a possible link to an almost identical crime in Doncaster the day before.
An 80-year-old woman was confronted by a thug with dagger as she put a cat litter tray outside the door of her bungalow in Intake. She screamed for help, which was enough to scare off the masked intruder.
Det Con Rob Platts from Rotherham CID said: "The method in both jobs is very similar, except there were two offenders in Rotherham and only one in Doncaster.
"We are not going to link the offences at this stage, but we are remaining open minded about it."
The two offences took place on consecutive days, at around the same time, and both involved a knife.
On each occasion the victims described the thugs as being very short – around 5ft tall in Rotherham, and 5ft 3ins tall in Doncaster.
The incident in Rotherham happened at 8.30am on Tuesday.

Bad 'Uns Too Stupid To Rob Tesco's Down The Road
TWO women cashiers tried to flee a Mexborough supermarket when armed robbers burst in and demanded money from the till.
One of the checkout girls got away from the Spar store in Hirst Gate, Mexborough, but the other was held and forced to open the till to a masked man armed with a gun.
Doncaster detectives who have ruled out any link with a series of other raids on security vans delivering money to supermarket cashpoint machines across South Yorkshire.
Police confirmed a "wad of notes" was grabbed by the robbers, as well as a quantity of cigarettes.
They are appealing for information following the robbery at 6.45 pm on Tuesday.
Both cashiers, aged in their early 20s, were behind the checkout when two men entered the premises and one of them, armed with a pistol, vaulted the counter.
One of the women ran out of the door and got away but the second cashier was stopped and forced to open the till. She was not injured.

Bingo Is New Extreme Sport
A PENSIONER suffered serious injuries after she fell out of a taxi outside a Rotherham bingo club.
The 75-year old woman from the Ravenfield area had just climbed into the back of the Peugeot taxi after leaving the Gala Bingo Club in Aldwarke Lane.
Police say the driver, a 47-year-old man from the Herringthorpe area, appeared to set off before the door was closed and the elderly woman fell out onto the car park.
She was taken to Rotherham District General where she is detained with injuries including a broken pelvis.
(Which is as good as a death sentence at that age - Shakey.)

Youths Do A 'Titchmarsh' But Get Carried Away A Bit
HEARTLESS yobs have ruined a primary school's gardening project causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.
Children at Dearne Carrfield Primary School at Highgate Lane were devastated on Friday when they found a polytunnel they were using to grow plants and vegetables in had been slashed and ruined.
In addition, a number of planters in the playground that pupils used to sit on had been pushed over and smashed to pieces.
Head teacher Steve Poxton said: " This flies in the face everything we try and teach our children about manners, respect and looking after the environment. The pupils are pretty shaken and confused by what has happened."

A Pint And A Fight - A Great Yorkshire Night
Officers are appealing for information from the public regarding an incident in which a 32 year old Maltby man sustained serious injuries resulting in him being detained in hospital.
The incident happened at around 2240 hours on Sunday 3 December, 2006, in a gennel off Birks Holt Drive, Maltby, where the victim says he was 'jumped' and assaulted by a group of males. As a result he has sustained head injuries and damage to a lung and is currently detained in a High Dependency Unit in hospital where his condition is described as stable but not critical.

A 44 year old man, also from the Maltby area, was arrested shortly after the incident and he has been released on Police bail pending further enquiries.

Woman Hits Smalley Girl For No Apparent Reason
Officers are appealing for information following an incident in which a 13 year old girl from the Whiston area of the Town was assaulted after going with friends to watch the Whiston Christmas lights being switched on.

The incident happened at around 2030 hrs on Friday 1 December on Hungerhill Road, outside the Punjab Takeaway. The victim was approached by a woman she had seen earlier in the toilet area of the Manorial Barn, Chaff Lane and who this time approached the girl telling her she was going to hit her, then did so. The woman was with another woman and a man who had with him a small girl aged about two years. The second woman also became involved in the incident and assaulted the victim. As a result of the attack the girl sustained a scratch under her eye area and swelling and bruising to her fingers.

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