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Rotherham news round-up!


War Hero
Bit quiet in our favourite Yorkshire town this week!

Man Shows His Cock To Smally Girl
Officers are appealing for information regarding a man who exposed himself to a 15 year old girl as she waited alone at the bus stop on Kimberworth Road near to the Wilton Public House.

The incident happened at around 1630 hrs on Friday 24 November 2006, when a man described as white, aged 35 to 40 years, around 5ft 10ins to 6ft tall, skinny build with short, almost shaved dirty blond hair, possibly greying a little, long thin face and dark coloured eyes and wearing dark coloured long knee length coat with big black buttons down the front, dark coloured trousers, black shoes and generally of smart appearance, approached the girl and exposed himself to her. He spoke to the girl with a 'local accent' but was startled off by a passer by and ran off up Kimberworth Road onto Cross Street.

Granny Is Burgled And Has Bleach Chucked On Her
A TERRIFIED 90-year-old woman is recovering after burglars held her down in a chair and poured cleaning fluid over her when she confronted them in her South Yorkshire home.

The crime, which happened in Brampton, Rotherham, has outraged residents, as it was revealed South Yorkshire is one of 13 areas with a serious violent crime problem.
Detectives have been carrying out enquiries following the aggravated burglary at a house in Knollbeck Lane at about 5pm yesterday.
The injured pensioner - named by neighbours as Mrs Speight - was taken to Barnsley Hospital suffering from an injury to her hand. She was not hurt by the cleaning fluid.
Police say the widow discovered three boys aged 14-15 with their faces partially covered in her terrace home when she heard a noise in the hallway and went to investigate.
The youths, who broke in through a window, forced her into a chair.
Two of them held her down and the chemical was poured onto her, while the third raider searched the house for valuables.
After her ordeal, the shaken woman went to a neighbour's house for help and police were called.

Twelve Women A Day Have To Be Told Twice
AN event being held in Rotherham today will raise the profile of domestic violence in the town.
About 12 complaints are made every day to police in the town by domestic violence victims.

There are fears many more cases are unreported because victims are too frightened to speak out.
Today's event at Rotherham Town Hall will try to make people more aware of the problem and set out ways victims can seek help.
It will bring together a range of different organisations and includes a play about domestic violence staged by training company Aftathought.
Among those expected to attend are Yorkshire and Humber MEP Linda McAvan, Lord Scarbrough and representatives from the police, Rotherham United, voluntary organisations and community groups.

More news round-up next time!

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