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A copper who was cleared of speeding on his way to pick up a takeaway has been removed from traffic duties.

Pc Stephen Akrill was caught by a speed camera in Rotherham, driving a police Land Rover at 48mph in a 40mph zone in February last year.

Magistrates let him off after he said he had been on his way to an accident. What a liar...

South Yorkshire Police said he had received a personal reprimand from the Chief Constable and been permanently removed from traffic duties (whereas we'd have the book thrown at us).

A force spokeswoman said: "Such reprimands are normally dealt with by an officer of the rank of superintendent, but the Chief Constable wanted Pc Akrill to understand how his conduct had directly led to a lowering in public confidence in the police."

Pc Akrill told the court last year that he had decided to help after receiving reports of a serious road accident on the evening of 13 February last year.
But when he heard other units had responded he aborted his journey and went to the chinky instead. Like you would

However, the court heard he had not been called to respond to the crash, did not have sirens or blue lights on and was not taking the quickest route to the scene. Because he was in fact going to the chinky all along.

He was spotted by a motorist triggering a speed camera and then entering the Wickersley Cantonese takeaway, emerging minutes later with several bags of food.

But the officer denied speeding and was cleared after a day-long trial. Don't start with the Chavs and Asbo nonsense now... It the law that are out of control!
I remember reading about this case too.

And the cheeky gets did me for going through an amber light that turned red 'cos I was trying to avoid an accident!
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