Rotary vs Fixed wing

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rikbones, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi, i'm just wondering out of interest and am not thinking of leaving before joining at all, but do you have the same opportunities for work if you ever leave the mob if you have worked on either fixed wing or rotary? Many thanks.
  2. As AET obviously, sorry :?
  3. hi rikbones,
    now this is only my thoughts on it so don't take it a gospel, buuuut. the fleet air arm has a lot more helicopters then aircraft and more variety of different types of helicopter so you would get a wider knowledge base and more experience with rotary over fixed. like i said it's only my opinion and might well be wrong.
    I'm going in as an AET in september
  4. My son was an AET and worked on seakings, he now works for Flybe originally in the workshops and now in the NDT section on all types of aircraft. It's not the type of aircraft you've worked on that interests civvie employers, it's the engineering skills you've got. Pretty sure you wouldn't use a garage where the mechanic says he only works on ford Fiesta's 'cos thats what he used to!!!
  5. good point! :)
  6. hi stimps, with a bit of luck i may be joining you there in sept, i've only got the medical (tomorrow) and the pjft to go
  7. i might be joining both of you in september to but as a WS
  8. Good luck tomorrow with the aptitude test
  9. It really doesn't matter what you have worked on, when you leave so long as you get your JAA licences you can pretty much walk into any aviation engineering company and name your price. just make sure you get some experience before leaving. Good luck with application.
  10. thanks mate

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