Rosy? Caroline?SnapDragon?J-D who??????

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Who is this lady ?


  2. Damn, you found out the truth about our dear hig!!
  3. You Swine Nutty, is nothing sacred, you were sworn to secrecy.
  4. Apart from the fag, whats that in her right hand?
    Isn't there a picture in the gallery of her waiting to receive, flat aback? :wink:
  5. RR

    So you noticed the toy. Yes I put her in the gallery but having mastered putting pics in a posting I thought she should have a wider audience

  6. That clit' floss has to chafe.
  7. Well Higgy you look very fetching since your sex change op. It really is amazing what medicine can do these days with a few stem cells, bits of recycled body parts, a sharp knive and someone who's a deft hand at sewing. I'd do something about that stringy bit below, though. It could make you very sore down there and then your partner would have to gently apply cooling antiseptic cream several times a say to relieve your suffering.
  8. AAC

    Her partner can not apply cream, she is holding it i her right hand.

  9. Stuttered
  10. I only pray she doesn't mix it up with her cigarette. :roll:
  11. I hadn't noticed THAT! What is it? :wink:
  12. Steve

    Quote"Once a pillock, Always a pillock!" unquote

  13. I want to know what shes doing with her Left hand!
  14. don't care........mmmmmmm...back in mo !
  15. Presumably replacing her suppository before she licks her funny shaped vanilla lollipop.....
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Last time I saw that trick I found it quite amusing :oops:
  17. Last time?
  18. I see I don't get a mention in the options 8O :cry:
  19. There wasn't enough space - if you enter too many names they're deleted when you upload... I'm sure that's the explanation Womps... :wink:
  20. That and Respect Womps


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