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I've seen a query on another website asking for the the exact location of Rose Cottage,
Not suggesting for a moment that any of the Gentlemen on here would have been patients, but I know that there are some Doc types looking in who may be able to answer
The only one I remember, Janner (somebody pointed it out to me, honist) was in Terror, Singapore, on the opposite side of the parade ground to the galley.
Yes I remember Rose Cottage in Terror and we had an electrician boarded there with a dose of the lurgie. Some kind old ladies visiting the sick asked the patient " how he felt ". His response, " rotten ".

Just out of curiosity - what is Rose Cottage?

Errrmmmm...... a clinic for exotic social diseases.

I'm thinking that the 'Rose Cottage' in Terror was really a localised version of one in Haslar which I hadn't heard of.

I spent most of winter as an Auxiliary Officer at a prison in Dorset which had been originally built in 1939 as a military hospital, presumably a temporary one as it only had wooden huts. (Some forward thinking there, for 1939, eh?). It was taken over by the Septics in 1942. It had around 26 wards, including three set aside for exotic diseases - one for each type presumably - plus two psychiatric wards. Two of those five are the very last wooden buildings still there, due to be knocked down this year as long as some conservationist doesn't delay things.
I always assumed it was a euphomism for the Mortuary.I spent many a year at Haslar and never found the actual Rose Cottage,but did go to the Mortuary a load of times.
Rose Cottage was the slang of the time ( last century WOW !! ) for the nasty diseases Jack caught ashore. No doubt its use has faded like many other words of the day. A word I used in my previous comment , ROTTEN, was used at that time for one suffering with VD. Latest term for VD in civvie street, sexually transmitted disease.
Another term for VD of my time ," caught the boat up ". In those days a dose ( VD ) meant stoppage of leave in Rose Cottage so you didn't spread the lurgie. Stoppage of tot was applied too as that slowed down the cure I believe.
I think if you caught the boat up twice as a submariner it meant out of boats as there was no doctors on boats in those days. 'phylis meant straight to Gens without stopping. Must be a lot worse with AIDS and maybe submarine comforts now include blow up dolls. The Iraqi model is self inflated.It blows itself up.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I think the writer would like to know where in the buildings at Haslar, if at all, the sexually transmitted disease clinic (Rose Cottage) was situated.

One of you must know.

Why all this morbid curiosity about Rose Cottage ?

"Squeeze and he squoze and bubble arose. Verily, verily thou art rotten. Take thee off to the apothecary"
well the STD clinic wasnt based at Haslar,it was part of the Sickbay at Nelson.I did a couple of week there as a PMA and saw all manner of infections and infestations.Rank or rate was no barrier either!A lot were some of our dusky brothers form Darkest Africa!!!!
I well remembervisits to the clinic in Nelson, warts and a bell end like a cauliflower, had to visit regularly to have it painted. :oops: :oops:

It used to be a very busy place in the 80's always a big queue.
Whilst in the Plod in South London I was looking for a victim in a large hospital. Some wag directed me to the STD Clinic. When I pushed the unmarked doors open the look of shock on both mine, the staff and in particular some of my local customers/villians to see me was a memory I will carry to the grave.

I remember the one in Terror - but not for attendance.

One of the lads slipped in the showers and damaged his bell end and was incarcerated there for a while.

They kitted them out in Hospital uniforms, red strips on No8 shirts, and I think red side stripes on the No10 shorts. He had great fun in telling all and sundry that he was in Bomb disposal !!
My father was a regular in the late thirties and through the war. As he described it, Rose Cottage was a separate Mess on bigger ships for people with VD.
Welcome scouting to Rum Ration , ROSE COTTAGE is indeed connected with VD , but I always thought it came from the Vietnam war , ie; ""VIETNAM ROSE ," I dare say someone will come up with a definative answer sometime soon

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