Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Matzu9, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. just a quick question about Raleigh, I noticed a bunch of folk climbing ropes in the fitness book thingy and wondered is there some kind of test with the ropes?
  2. bondage
  3. Or Yardarms and hanging? :oops:
  4. No
  5. Bondage you say hmm :p
  6. I'd have thought you'd know the ropes by now :lol:
  7. When I joined in the sixties everyone had to be able to climb a rope. I was fkn useless :p Still managed to get to the top with the help of the PTIs throwing things at me :p
  8. I joined in late 90's and we had to climb the ropes also. I take it they don't any more.
  9. Nope they don't.
  10. :D Oh the memorys of them ferkin Pti`s throwing things and the verbal abuse,and no it didnt help when one was a porky ferka like i was,

    After 9 months at Ganges i went from a 13 stone bit of blubber to a very slim 10 stone fit JS 8)

  11. i did it 3 years ago on leadership, i am not 100% sure if they still do it though?
  12. They have a horizintal one that you have to pull yourself along.
  13. not up any stupid hills any more?
  14. I dunno I did my basic in 2003 so they might have brought it back?
  15. I'm currently in week 3 and we had to climb some in PT the other day but It's not a test as such.
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Bawbag, no cnut believes a fcukn thing you type on these boards!!! :roll:

    Push for a O2 tag for this trolling cnut please Ninja.
  17. Re: Ropes?

    ......More rope, More rope, and less knots..
  18. Would it be a problem if there was a test? We use ropes all the time in the submarine service - how do you think we escape when we're lying on the bottom of the 'oggin?
  19. What is it with all these newbies stupid fecking questions....Look you wimpering tarts...gazillions of people have joined the navy since the year dot...and they never needed spoon feeding every fecking minor detail of their training.

    We got herded off the train at Guzz and 12 weeks later herded back on it to Portsmouth for Part 3 training. We did not worry about soap dishes, trainers, climbing ropes, when we could take leave. We just got on with it. It's little wonder that cretins like that f8ckwit Arthur Batchelor (HMS Cornwall) were allowed out into the fleet when the stock from which they came need their fecking hands held all the fecking time. Grow up you tw*ts.
  20. TBF, though I admit there are a fair share of stupid questions, I dare say that back in the good old days - when everyone so was so much braver and stronger- if you had access to something like the internet, the same silly questions would have been asked. If newbies piss you off that much, I suggest you stop clicking onto this part of the forum.

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