Rope Climb

I wouldn't worry, your joining the RN, you get your uniform and blue beret issued in week 1 if you fail rope climbing they will give you a big hug, in my day you would have had a pack of 'brown hatters' waiting for you to slide down, now they promote 'brown hatters' and penalise those of us who use the term! Lol relax your not going to be a Bootneck!
Only sport I ever did in the RN. I was part of the RAF Wyton team and pulled in the inter services for the "Crabs" against the RN and Army at Temeraire. It was a sad time in my life :(
//Black cat//

I was the RN ToW Coach for a couple of years - many Royal Tournaments and Royal Balmoral Games. Even got a couple of GOLD Royal Tournament medals - Pissed off the Gunnies that did!

Strange the way the Navy works. Trains you to climb ropes then when your in the field you spend your time climbing down them, sliding down them or simply plummeting!!!!!
followed by a thud. What was that i said under control. It was staff under the control of gravity. PTI gives a how do I follow that look, CPOPTI you are you ok , yes staff, then around the gym at the double?:)o_O