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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by ws1602, Jan 2, 2018.

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  1. Hello,

    After watching Royal Navy School on channel 4 they seem to a lot of the rope climbing exercises.

    How do you train for something like this when you don't have a 30ft rope?? Also how do you do it? I've never done it before so any tips?

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  2. They'll train you while you're there.
    It's mostly technique, but if you really want to practice something chuck a towel over a pull up bar and do pull ups, this practices the grip. Don't do too many though.
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  3. A horizontal rope climb! Now there's a novelty ;)
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  4. I struggled massively with rope climbing in training. Every IMF session I would dangle about halfway up, I only made about 3/4 full climbs in 8 weeks. At the start of week 9 I had a teach session in the gym and something finally clicked because I made all the climbs after that plus 6 on IMF pass out.

    If you want to be good at them, work on upper body strength, hip flexors and core. Although you don't really climb with you arms its more driving up with your legs.

    Check out 'royal marines rope climbs' on YouTube for an idea.

    Sorry if that's a bit vague, I've tried to forget my rope climbing experiences.
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  5. Start at the bottom and work your way up:rolleyes:
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  6. Did it at Raleigh (1985), never had the need since :)
  7. Did it in Ganges, OK, next time I needed to hang of a rope with bare hands was Royal Arthur, failed miserably, no one cared as it was over water and they were guaranteed a big splash?
  8. Big splash or tidal wave??

    In reply to the OP, its all about the legs in reality. The idea is to lock off the rope between your feet with your knees bent and then straighten up taking hold of the rope as high as you can then repeat until your head hits the ceiling.

    Don't worry, its definitely not the macho BS rope climb version you see in movies where it is all arms.

    The clubswingers will be very good at teaching correct technique.
  9. As it was a big puddle under a gantry, anyone within a few yards of said puddle were in my splash zone, so yep mini tidal wave. Our instructor knew this and on a final run against anther intake, she took a few steps back before my turn, other intake instructor had a surprise, she may have been wet elsewhere from laughing.
  10. During the winter of 81/82 whilst we were at Royal Arthur, my oppo clambered up the rope to the gantry. Got up fine until he stood at the top, slipped on the ice covered girder and plummeted into the pool below.
    Got concussion and was not allowed to do any more physical activities during the course. Of course, he volunteered for everything and got a glowing report!!
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  11. Only sport I ever did in the RN. I was part of the RAF Wyton team and pulled in the inter services for the "Crabs" against the RN and Army at Temeraire. It was a sad time in my life :(
  12. I had a glowing report they invited me back as an instructor, no mention of not being any good at rope work, that sodding rope was always wet, they asked me would I volunteer, I said depends on next draft if it was Scotland again and not Guzz, as RA was closer to Guzz, she was not impressed with that? But I couldn’t see the SM service sparing me, they would not let me leave Spartan so next draft was Guzz anyway.
  13. We had a tug-of-war team on Danae, made up from the Rugby team.

    When on Nato duties the Canadian boss decided to have an inter ship Tug-of-war event, we showed up Rugby shirts, No8 trollies and steaming bats, they all made the mistake that they needed all the lumps of lard on the rope, we wiped the floor with the lot of them, the Canoots even through extra bods on their end, we were given a trophy by the Canadian boss, he grumbled that he didn’t know the Brits had a professional team on-board, I skipper said nope this is our Rugby team upholding a strong British tradition, he then suggested a rugby tournament, they declined.
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  14. I did killicks leadership at Chatham and got black marks for an "attitude" problem. It all started on a PLT that I was in charge of. The scenario was there was a bomb in a minefield that the enemy wanted to get (the other team), I told my team to go and hide, which they did. The instructors asked me what I was playing at, I said let the enemy work out how to get the bomb and we'll jump the survivors when they got it..they weren't happy with that for some reason.

    I then argued that a more realistic scenario would be to get a casualty out of a dangerous environment as I could never see a situation when a bunch of matelots would be retrieving ordnance from a minefield in the face of the enemy... I lost the argument!!
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  15. Leadership is a game, play by their rules, when finished back to the day job?
  16. Never miss a chance to throw a spanner in the works, they recommended I go for further training on the report that got sent to the boat..the skipper told them to fcuk off :)
  17. I did my leadership at Excellent. For my PLT I had to get a capstan onto a flatbed. As luck would have it a fork lift was going past as I started so I changed my plan, got the FLT to drop the capstan on the flatbed and we all went for an early tea break!
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    Said Donald Trump, allegedly.

    A Pompey girl will insist on 'tits first'.

    Is that my taxi?
  19. No join the queue, women and children first.

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