Roots - Moneygall transformed

Not another Son o' the Sod?:slow:

I guess it had to happen sometime; just like Horati O'Nelson his surname was the give-away.

<<President O'Bama's great, great, great grandfather came from Moneygall and the president plans to set foot in his ancestral home during his two-day visit to Ireland.O'Bama.>>

BBC News - Moneygall transformed for Barack Obama visit

(Bejabbers - and not a dozen boggy miles from Mrs. B's original family seat, too....... :shock-horror: )
So does he continue to call himself African American or Irish American. How these people can put hand on heart singing their national anthem but prefer to put another country BEFORE the place where they were born is barf. I am English, not Viking Norman Anglo Saxon English.

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