Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SJRM_RN, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. Wayne Rooney - what a greedy, petulant twat!

    Enough said
  2. Not quite, you could add "mind-blowingly thick" and "incredibly ugly" to your otherwise excellent summation of the tosspot that is Rooney.
  3. there not worth talking about .that goes for frgie as well the things he said earlier in the week you see them in the paper with there arms round each other shite
  4. Don't know what you're on about les but I think I agree!! :lol:
  5. :geek: How could the cnut transfer to Spain Or Italy. when the tosser can hardly speak English :!: :?:
  6. The driving force behind these tantrums is down to the 'Players agent' usually. To many peeps whispering into his lughole, telling him he deserves more.
    A talented dynamo of a player (when on form) who comes from a challenging background. Let him continue to play the way we admire.

    I defend soccer, not the players.
  7. With a bit of luck the ginger cnut will wrap his sports car round a fukcing tree or catch aids of the next slapper he dicks....TWAAAAAAAT!!!!!
    Ha that's better.
  8. If thats true i dread to thik how thick we all are. This mind-blowingly thick bloke has just got a huge pay rise up to 1m a month. I wish i was that thick lol.
  9. Don't understand the animosity.He felt he deserved a pay rise and he sorted himself out, just like plenty of others have done in a wide range of businesses. If it's all about how much he earns then stop buying the shirts, the DVDs the season tickets, the Sky subscription etc...
  10. Is it OK if I still nick em? 8O :roll: :D
  11. There is no link to intelligence and making a shed load of money - surely this episode proves that?

    NONE of the very rich deserve what they have - there are only so many hours in the day to 'earn'. Luck and/or privilege are all that attract the vast amounts of money idiots such as Rooney and other 'celebs' attract.
  12. Beat me to that Rummers :p
  13. The latest spin on this...... the whole episode is a cunning plan to increase his 'worth' on the transfer market. Seems he has slipped down the money ladder.
    He should be on the market soon....if the spin is correct
  14. I think the Government will be recommending Rooney for an award.His little hoohaa with ManU was a major distraction when they were anouncing billions of cuts and thousands of redundancies.A good day to give out bad news...Thanks Wayne. :wink:
  15. And people who complain about his and other footballers vast wealth are the ones that shell out a fotune in match tickets, new strip twice a year and pay SKY subscriptions.

    A fool and his money are soon parted.
  16. Bollocks, we were due 25% of the transfer fee!!
    Everton that is not me and Mrs JFH!!!
  17. I'd just ....erm... like to...erm... thank all..... you guys..... on ... erm Rum Ration.... for all.... erm.... your support for.... erm ... my massive.... erm.... fcuking pay rise.
    Colleens gorra take ....erm... me back now !
  18. More total bollox from a player who is currently playing shite and wants more money, so Shrek, sorry, Rooney tells Fergie he wants away as the club are going nowhere. Fergie not wanting to lose Shrek from the swamp placates him with undying love and the promise of more money, probably almost double what he is on and hey presto, the granny shagging, whore paying, swamp dweller decides to stay for the love of his club.

    Watch out Colleen, he has double whacks each week now to pay for some more high class hookers from Oldham. :roll:

    The money he is reported to be on each week is obscene, particularly when in light of the current climate for us mere mortals.
  19. They get fcuk all out of me as well, all professional footballers are overpaid tosspots. If the English ones are that good and worth the exorbitant money they get how come we haven't won the World Cup since '66. Bunch of useless cnuts, the lot of them

    Rant over, feel better now :)
  20. Thank you 6JRM and Wrecker for the rather superb rants.
    8.5 out of 10 each for those. Much better than I could have done.

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