Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by becky_w_84, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Has he been booted out yet I wonder.......?
  2. 1) He goes to Raleigh on Sunday 21st.

    2) Do you have nothing better to do at 1:20am? (For the record, I got carried away playing MS FS2004 and I'm now off to bed).
  3. 1. So not booted out just yet
    2. 0345. Middle Watch.... Just done rounds...knackered 3 hours to go.
    All that watchkeeping did come in handy after all.
    3. When do you go Tim?
  4. Never, hopefully. :twisted:
  5. Try reading around different posts and you'd see I was here. Cheers for the support Doctor, why would I be booted out anyway?
  6. I think Becky was thinking because of your injured hand?
  8. Yes I know.

    Try reading around different posts and you'd see I was here

    Sorry mate. Hope you're having a good time

    That was directed at Becky Zoid, but I notice she has since fled the scene whereas I am still here.

    For the record I have been doing press ups chin ups and everything on my hand for weeks now so it seems I was well off for not going to the doctors. It doesn't hurt or anything. I had a similar experience the other week when my big brother hit me with a baseball bat and I couldn't bend my elbow, but the next day it was fine, just think how I'd of wasted mine and the doctors time to go and find out it was just swelling.
  9. No still here darling :wink:
    Oh and I am sorry for not memorizing your exact start date, I actually have a life away from this forum you know hence why i'm not on every day :wink: :wink:
  10. No need to memorise (see s not z) it sweet cheek's, there is a post called when are you going to H.M.S Raleigh and I am on it, the fact that you should remember that post over a fortnight old and my name though touches me. If you'd like to find out more why not go to my local AFCO (you've got a choice of Wolverhampton or Birmingham assuming I'm not a wolves fan from somewhere else) and find out who is joining on that date? You would have to sneak in and steal sensitive information though which of course you are not sad enough to do. You are however sad enough to have posted this post about one specific user who you have never met and in my opinion that is rather sad. Afterall If I get booted out because I can't complete training it's never gonna have any bearing on you or anyone else on this forum so why fuckign ask the question 'has he been booted out yet'. You sad cretin.
  11. Tbh, the dude has a point.
  12. And she's off again Zoid because she's not sad enough to be on here you know, maybe the rumour that women can multi task better than men is false and she can't be on this forum and do something else at the same time whereas I can? For example I am posting on here and having a look every so often whilst also reading the news online, checking my facebook and msn etc. and downloading music, later tonight you can add having a **** to that list.
  13. Impressive :thumright:
  14. Got a date yet Zoid?
  15. You see... I'd just assumed it's because she fancied you, but I've been known to be wrong.
  16. Who can resist a man in a V for Vendetta mask?
  17. Unfortunately not. Need to wear boots for another 6 weeks so the doc can tell how my skin graft will react in training.
  18. Good luck anyways.
  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Vicky ya mong!!!!! :roll:
  20. Sorry that went way over my head witsy.

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