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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by scouse, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Why the fcuk has he been allowed out? It doesn't matter how you dress it up he's a thieving scumbag fcuk. Being old and ill doesn't suddenly stop you being a cock, and a stinking thieving one at that.

    They nearly killed Jack Mills and left him disabled, and tried to kill Dave Parr.

    He's a fcuking shitbag.
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just like Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi who was convicted of Pan AM flight 103. Seems he may be getting his ticket back to Libya. You do the crime, do the time.
  3. Not so !!! Buster Edwards ps David Whitby was Jack Mills second man . Ps I know someone from,Underwood Lane Crewe
  4. Rgeardless, they are all still thieving cnuts, there's nothing romantic about being a thief on any scale.
  5. His son was on telly a few weeks ago whinging like a baby.

    Biggs was a violent thug - sympathy in its usual place as far as I'm concerned.
  6. I can see it coming; Jade Gooey type adulation from the UK chav society who's fathers grandfathers weren't even born when the Violent Crime occurred.

    Cheeky cnut spent his ill gotten dosh in the sunshine , shagging birds and even getting one up the spout, therefore eluding the brazilian immigration authorities.

    Then he gets sick of/from his lifestyle, runs out of spondoolies and comes home for free medical treatment as he can't get it up anymore. Cnut.

    He will end up in history like Robin Hood or Dick Turpin etc. the stories of childrens books....GRRRRRRrrrr

    rant over :cussing: :cussing: :angryfire: :whax: :banghead: :protest:
  7. He'll probably make a miracolous recovery once he's left the company of HM and will be enjoy the pint in an English pub he wanted..... a pint of Guinness :evil:
    his son should be billed for the full NHS charges. After all why should we have to bankroll his criminal lifestyle choice?!
  8. Isn't there any minister in this government who can make a descision and then not change his bloody mind a few weeks later.

    I would not have objected so much if they had simply removed the guards on the basis that he wasn't going anywhere.

    Will his licence be revoked if he gets better and tries to leave hospital.

    Equally once Ronnie snuffs it his scrounging son should be obliged to purchase and use a one way ticket to Brazil.
  9. Has is son been given UK citizenship?
    If not then he should be returned to Brazil as soon as his dad shuffles off the planet.

    Unfortunately it looks like his son has been given British Citizenship, question is WHY?
  10. I remember when Task Group 317.2 visited Brazil in 1975. Biggs was reportedly invited on board one of the ships by some matelots for a few beers. I can’t remember which ship it was; it may have been Achilles or Diomede. I don’t know if the Officer of the Day was aware of it.

    Was anyone else on RR there with the Task group, or remember the incident?
  11. So now stand by for his Brazilian girlfriend and their sprog to arrive in the UK and live off benefits. What prat in the HOme Office gave him citizenship and why? Deport the fcuker!

  12. And deport the tosser who gave him citizenship as well!
  13. It was the Diomede Gombear 8) my brother was a killick stoker on it,i remember our kid saying he ( Biggs ) was a big mouth cockney prick,his words not mine,
  14. If it wasn't for our criminal fraternity - there wouldn't be
    half as many decent movies i.e. The Krays, Bronson and
    all the others based around demented sword-wielding,
    gun-toting lunatics.

    Mister Biggs is going to croak shortly - be he in jail
    or out of it.

    He's probably so spaced out on morphine - he hasn't got
    a scooby where the f**k he is anyway.

    Think we should all club together and send him a "Get
    Dead Soon"
  15. :geek: Too true, take it from me, they are a shower of winging self centred scum bags. As I've said before, there are no hard men waiting for a jury verdict. :twisted:
  16. Not trying to say I've known these and done this, but,I did run a nightclub in Liverpool beginning of the 70's where all the hard men drank.
    I bought them drinks gave them meals and tried to stop them screwing my staff[to no avail]in short I kept my head down.
    Liverpools biggest crime family were at the bar and told all who would listen that a bribe was offered to some train staff to not cause trouble,they refused.
    I don't know if it was true but it was clear that Biggs and all concerned were not jack the lads doing a harmless blag,they were,and still are, scum.
    I would never have let him out but having said that,murderers of the worst kind,including peodphiles do half the sentence they received.
    I have no proof but according to club rumours[from my bouncer who had served time with some of them] the Mr Big who set it all up was never caught and I believe it.
    He should never have been released, he is not a good time villain,just a cowardly chancer!
  17. The Mr Big was a guy name of Bruce Richard Renolds. A song was written about him (pretty good folk song too).
  18. yeah,knew about him but there was supposed to be a big banker/lawyer/civil servant who provided the upfront cash and knew all about the used cash transported.
    As I said I only heard the gossip from the bar groups and I never wanted to get too close to them for conversation!
    History now but he is still scum.

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