Ronnies Bar Hal Far

Discussion in 'History' started by Polycell, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Some one mentioned Ronnies in another thread.
    So who can remember Ronnies in the 60's especially 63 - 64?
    Egg sarnie and a can of soup days!!
    I was refit crew on the Troubridge 63/64 and lived in Hal Far with the Wafooooooooooooooooes!! good times anyone remember?
    Fell in love with a South African REM(A) WREN by the name of Rose god she was lovely!! And me a skimmer (at the time!!)
  2. Ronnies Bar, Hal Far .....1958 and my first draft as a lad of 16. It was always full of Jennys. 18 WRNS in the MSO and lots more in the Ops room. Thought I'd gone to heaven but came down to earth quickly on draft to the 7th DS!!!!
  3. Ronnies Bar! Shilling for the juke box - ON DE BOOK ! Believe some of the books are now in the museum at Yeovilton - be some familiar names in there I bet.
  4. Brilliant post Exile. XX
  5. I left Hal Far in 1956, having spent many happy hours in Ronnie's.I next went to Malta in 1960 on Bulwark, and on my first run ashore, walking down Kingsway with a mate, I heard my name bellowed from across the road, "Welcome back, I see you not got your F.....g hook yet!"
    Nice man Ronnie, ruined many a young man' s liver. I believe his real name was Carmel Zammit, and his home was in Zurrieq.
  6. Both yours and mine Dusty!! Remember winding the wafoooooohs up big time Jan especially Wednesday nights after they'd finished night flying.
  7. There was always one pilot who used to delight in scaring the crap out of you with his low flying as you staggered back along the raod from Ronnies' after a dinner time sessh - would love to meet him again !!
  8. Happy days Dusts tot time then dinner time sesh in Kalafrana tots of SRD 3 old pence a shot. Jock Welch falling asleep in Ronnies with a fag alight setting fire to hiself. Come back or not as you choose bronzie time on the roof of the block peeping over the top into the wrens mess.
  9. A Hal Far tot, made with iced water - luxury! And the beautiful salad bar in the dining hall - tasty. Speedy, the lunatic bus driver who used to take us back to Hal Far from the Dockyard - could've been the first Maltese F1 driver if they'd found him ! Ah, the good old days. Where's that bottle of SRD gone, dammit !!
  10. Hi, everybody if you see this message pls email me on [email protected] , I am William from Malta and my grandfather is the guy you mentioned of Ronnie`s Bar , by the way he is still alive and he is 85 years ,at the moment I am showing him your forum cause we have been long time searching for someone who might have been with my grandfather or in his bar in those years. If anyone interested or anyone knows my grandfather and wants to email us pls use my email provided. I wish pls to contact with someone maybe even share some nice photos of that time. He would be very pleased. Wish you all the best everyone and thank you so much

  11. Hello William/Ronnie,

    It's nice to see you here. Good luck with your request.
  12. I well remember. Had many "Screech and cokes"there. ON THE BOOK
  13. Me too. I left there in 1956 too. I used to run the band at hal far. Nice memories. Screech and coke, steak egg and chips, my first tattoo down the gut.

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