Ronnie Biggs on the DANAE

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chaffed_and_tender, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. I found an interesting little story in the archive section of today's Guardian, which is short enough to reprint in full.
    Probably the Mob's finest hour; any of you wizened old salts on board when this happened? I have this funny feeling that the mess in question managed to hold nigh on 34,234 bods that night... :wink:

    Guardian archive.

  2. I was on the Danae the Previous Commission, Ships flights aircrewman. The fisheads fired off a ASW mortar into Rio Harbour during user checks!!!! Also they had tee shirts printed with " Ronnie Biggs was here and said good Int it" :lol: :lol:
  3. I was on Mechs course with the greenie who claimed he was the cause of that firing. According to him, they left a practice round in the mortar MK10 and when he swung through the firing circuit with a bridge meggar away it went, Don't know if thats possible but a good dit.
  4. :wink: Ronnies up for Parole today. Hope the old boy, gets lucky
  5. If he does get released then maybe he could be invited aboard the new T45 so that he can get a first hand look at how the Navy has modernised since his last visit...
  6. Well he sure got no justice in '63, 30 years for nicking £2.3 million,
    but its 15 for murder.
    I wonder if it had not been Gov funds what he would have got.?
  7. Nice One :lol: :lol: Might need permission from P.T. and S.D. though????
  8. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I've met loads of people who claim to have been onboard then, but as C_A_T suggests, I think this has become something of a "Fleet Dit".
  9. :wink: :wink: Try this from
    Don Coulter
    I served on the Danae from late 76 -78 greatest Highlight was when No Other than Ronnie Biggs came aboard in Rio and was swiftly taken to the Ro's Mess . and the then Naffi Manager got a whole load of T Shirts Printed Good on here In'it...Ronnie Biggs said so!!! :wink: :wink: Was on her 72 commish.Ship aground/Wasp totaled and 2 for murder, now thats a dit!!!
  10. I wasn't onboard the ship but remember the incident well from the press coverage. Not only was Ronnie onboard there was a damning photo of him in the messdeck with a can in his hand splashed all over the tabloids. Given that this was well before the days of digital cameras and internet access it smacks of someone onboard making a tidy sum selling the story and pics! Embarrassing for the RN, the CO and OOD? You bet it was!
  11. Was serving on Euryalus at the time and was with Danae together with the 7th Frigate Squadron in Rio..the incident did happen, much to the embarrasment of CO.

    A further spin to that story continued when the 7th Frigate Squdron was at Spithead review for the Queen's Silver Jubilee in '77. We had just arrived back from Rio and two rating from each ship in the Squadron were invited to the Royal Yacht. I was one from Euryalus, and together with about 150 other bods mustered on the Yacht to "meet the Royals"....Anyways, I was stood with a rating from the Danae and as the Queenie poos walked past, she stopped and asked me (basically) if Rio had been a good run! "Yes" I said, and at that this plonker from Danae pipes up "we had Ronnie Biggs on board!!!".... Never have I seen so many Admirals and the like decend on this now quivering soul!!....One tried not to laugh, as it's not the done thing in front of the queen of England eh?? 8O :lol:
  12. Sorry RR but a guard got battered and later died of his injuries. They all then became accomplices to murder/manslaughter whatever.

    The guard is still dead I believe but I doubt his family have forgotten.
  13. yep agree leave the fucka in jail as an example he was lording it over us for years now hes getting his cummuppance good fuckin riddance
  14. Buster Edwards coshed driver Jack Mills / I was living in Crewe at this time where he lived. Jack Mills, who was 58 at the time of robbery, never fully recovered from his injuries, and never returned to work. In 1970 he died of leukemia which an inquest confirmed, perhaps unsurprisingly, was unrelated to his injuries. As an innocent victim in such an infamous crime, he is very often mentioned when the subject is raised in the press.
  15. Almost as many as those on the balcony then.!

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