Ronaldo is uneducated, sneers Mourinho

Ronaldo is uneducated................... according to Mourinho, well in a backlash of male type claws trying to dig into the 22yr old rising footie star! What a shame, a man of great heights, bringing himself down low over something like the 'green eyed monster'...................

Jose Mourinho responded to seeing Manchester United all but snatch Chelsea’s Premiership title by launching another astonishing attack on Cristiano Ronaldo — this time insulting his family and ridiculing his lack of education.

Mourinho accused United winger Ronaldo, who is also Portuguese, of "not showing maturity and respect" and attributed that to a "difficult childhood" with "no education".
Ronaldo is uneducated, sneers Mourinho----------Typical of this arrogant ,usually unshaven, and self centered little Pillock........who is now so incensed that United could and should nick the title of him, making Abramovitch even more pleased with him lol !!!!!
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