Ronaldo in transvestite scandal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. Ronaldo

    Happens to the best of them!
  2. This is not really news is it? Prostitution is not illegal in UK either; how could you ever prove it? Now soliciting is another matter.
  3. Lets face it we have all done it. Get off the guys back.
  4. I read that he wasn't very good in nets.
  5. Ferguson won't be happy!
  6. Oh no we haven't! I've treated enough cases of VD to know where to keep my todger; in my trousers.
  7. Cor, you must be a good laugh on a run ashore :thumright: . Never heard of condoms?
  8. Was it not the Brazilian Ronaldo that plays for AC Milan ?
  9. lsadirty, thank you for that. =)
  10. BORED! Not exactly the most interesting story of the decade is it. Just another footballer in a sex scandal. The only difference this time is that there are a few more balls involved that usual.

  11. Have you never heard of syphilitic chancre at the edge of the condom area? Have you never heard of gonorrhoea of the throat? Have you never heard of a burst condom? If you need to empty your seminal vesicles that badly, go to the heads with a porn mag and save your money, your health and your existing/future marriage.
  12. Christ Wardy - I'm beginning to agree with Bootneck. You are a bit of a grim conversationalist. Hope you don't always talk shop.

  13. He's not married, so whilst it may be disloyal to his girlfriend, it's neither adultery not illegal.

    Get over it! :twisted:

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