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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by slim, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. Someone has hijacked the Romft site and I found it extremely difficult to access the site.
    For anyone else having difficulties put this in the address bar:
  2. Thanks Slim :thumbright:
  3. Site appears to be hijacked,tried to do SC linked to the spurious site will try again Wednesday after nights. :wink:
  4. 1. Why visit that site? There is no Home page to describe what one may encounter: and, as this new Post is at Di Lils, perhaps 'ROMFT' should thus also be avoided?

    Qs: Same peeps as at RR? Same old diatribes? Same old expletive-happy cliques? Guess who is not that curious?

    2. Why do so many RR OPs kick off with a link to somewhere else?
    Has anyone else noticed? Is this Leadership? Being led astray? Or what?

    3. ROMFT?
    For the younk'sters:
    No, not 'Romford, Ethixs; but D = Dozen = A full 12 Year engagement, prior to '9 regular plus 3 reserve.

    Perhaps 'R O M F 9 ' did not have a decent enough chime?

    Some really oldsters could have it as 'ROMFP'. Where P = Pension.

    Changes to engagements now - so I guess ROMFT must be 'One-Size-Fits-All' .
  5. Thats convuluted thinking, that is!
    I have to have had at least a gallon of beer before I can achieve that level of corkscrew thought.
  6. Many of us use and enjoy both sites.
    What you must realise is that Romft and RR differ in both style and content, each is in some ways are complimetary to each other.
    I have never heard any of the site owners bickering about each others site so why should the members?
    Now lets start another forum, my dsk is bigger and better than yours :p
  7. Monday Morning and ROMFT seems to be OK again, perhaps the PO SDtoker has worked his magic again.
  8. Sorry Peter is definitely still hijacked.
    Anyone having problems needs to go to
  9. Concur, one page of the search romft invites you to a donate paypal page for someone called [email protected]!
  10. I always understood ROMFT to mean Roll On My Flaming Time. The word 'flaming' was invariably replaced with a much stronger word, but, being a gentleman, I couldn't possible use it in such a public place!
  11. As having checked my shortcut is straight to the forums page that is why I have no problems, the .com page is banned by our net plods.
  12. We need to send in Inspector Higgy of the Ships Police to find the culprit, hand them over to the PO Stoker for a damn good rodgering and then stick their head on one of the numerous spikes said to still adorn the Tower of London. :twisted:
  13. Well fcuk off then you rambling idiot.
  14. BreathingOutOnTheWayUp. Perhaps you should have held your breath on the way up and it might have given you some more breath to praise ROMFT instead of knocking it. :laughing2:
  15. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Your response is two years late. Bob's time has now rolled on.
  16. The site is hosted on a dot co dot uk and has been for a long time now
    dot com should be deleted and the dot co dot uk is to be added into
    your favourites (amongst all your Catalogue shopping/online bingo/
    I-collect-fluffy-Gonks websites).
    My 2000'th post on here was immediately relegated to the Garbage
    Barge - but I'm not bitter.


    William Zero-Oppos
  17. I like you BNM, not like that twat MSF on the other site, always whinging about sore knees and DIY ;-P

  18. Thanks for that, Wits.

    As they say, ahem, elsewhere: "Have a Tot".

    (Liquid, not juvenile that is.:happy8:)
  19. Well it's seems to have happened again.
    Anyone know why I can't access ROMFT?

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