Romft gone?

You go away for a week and the world falls apart whilst you are gone....its back up and running now though.They must have put another 50p in the meter.
Maybe The Doc is updating the software / has spilled beer all over his PC / has dozed off.

PS: I've just logged in - so The Doc must have stirred....... ;)
We were ths subject of a "Cyber attack",some spotty git had infiltrated the site and came along and used the back door to utilise this sites unused web space. they uploaded gaming files so they can be redistributed on a file sharing site. the amount of files uploaded caused ROMFT to become overloaded.
Thanks to the stirling work of the PO Stoker all has returned to Normal!
rosinacarley said:
If you like racist homophobes stuck in 1963 you will love it!
1963 was nothing like that, or the people in the Andrew....if anything we were more liberal than those today. We didn't need to be told how to be, or how to think ....unlike today
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