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I was loooking at the ROMFT sight today and i must say it is very impressive the level of interlect and transverse and converse topics is above the normal configuration of the trans medial level of intellectual matelots


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Beenzontoste said:
Capn_Pugwash said:
I just thought it was all feckin' boring (compared to here, that is).
What are you, some kind of *? ROMFT is a lot better than this wank set up.
Hmm, it's so wank that you decided to join to voice your opinion? :roll:

And as Slim stated on "the other site", many RR members are members of ROMFT, and vicky verky. I, and most others, don't want to waste time slagged off either site - better things to do. One site is no better than the other; they're both good for different reasons.

So can we move along and drop this pointless argument? :?


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ROMFT has some good points, but, IMHO, I prefer RR adn I do find ROMFT boring compered to RR.

So, Im not joking.

You will know when I am, I will say something funny.
Both sites are different and have different aspects on life in the RN and in general. I prefer ROMFT as it is a good laugh and the banter is just like it was on the Lower Deck. I visit it every day. I only pop in here on occasions for the serious bits (though ROMFT has serious threads as well).

Different strokes for different folks.

As SPB said - lets drop this pointless arguement and learn to live in harmony - and with that I am going to fcuk off to my mess on ROMFT for my tot as you cant get a wet on board this ship.

I'd call you round Capn_Pugwash - but you are probably teetotal and on your way to Church or something.


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Hydra_Joe said:
I'd call you round Capn_Pugwash - but you are probably teetotal and on your way to Church or something.
Oops you got me!

In a previous life I was also known as the Bishop of Morecambe.

Tot was before my time, but I have been known to indulge. If you had been my DO in INTREPID or at INSKIP, you would have seen the proof for yourself.

As for church - I am allergic.

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