'Romantic Status'

If one is married and shagging elsewhere, 'out of watch' is the common parlance I do believe, one has a mistress.

If, however, one is single and shagging a married lady, what is ones title?

Bloke down the pub wants to know.
Can't find it in Debrett's which, let's face it, is surprising.

Edit: Not 'arf as shocking as my apostrophe omission.

The shame.
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Nah. Half century - slightly younger than him. A surprising 1 (OK - 3). Brings the odd bottle of wine round - which has added bonus so he tells me.

Anyway - still need the term to use in polite society.
I also considered rake, libertine, adulterer, Don Juan, Casanova and Lothario.

What about fornicator?

edited to add: I don't have an in depth knowledge of these terms, I'm looking at a thesaurus!!!

Have to say I agree with John, philanderer looks good to me as well.
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