Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Backpacker1uk, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. This could be a floodgate thing if they get allowed benefits here look out UK coming to a roundabout near you real soon!!

    Is Romania that bad living on a roundabout is much better

    An extended family of over 50 Roma gypsies encamped on the M50 roundabout at Ballymun are being subjected to racist abuse, a coalition of charities and NGOs claimed today.

    Calling for state intervention to help the Rostas family, who have been living in the open for nearly two months, the coalition group says it is seeking immediate action to end what it describes as a "humanitarian crisis".

    Sara Russell, Roma co-ordinator with Pavee Point travellers centre told the family is being adversely affected by legislation introduced by the Irish Government prior to Romania joining the EU which prevents them from availing of social welfare assistance. As a result, she says, the Rostas are being forced to live in "horrific conditions".

    The roundabout is infested with rubbish[probably caused by them] and vermin and due to the location of the makeshift camp the risk of injury or fatality from a traffic accident is of serious concern
    Sara Russell, Roma co-ordinator with Pavee Point Romanians are restricted from working in Ireland unless they have a work visa or are self-employed, although they do have freedom of movement within the EU.

    Under a "habitual residency" condition of their right to travel to Ireland - introduced by the Government to prevent "welfare tourism" - Romanians and other former accession country nationals are unable to access social welfare unless they can prove they are normally resident in Ireland or plan to remain in the country for a long period of time.

    Thirty-two adults and 22 children are currently living on the roundabout without running water, sanitation, adequate heat or shelter and recently, members of the public have visited the site hurling verbal abuse and throwing eggs at the family, Ms Russell said.

    "The roundabout is infested with rubbish and vermin and due to the location of the makeshift camp the risk of injury or fatality from a traffic accident is of serious concern. In order to avert a road accident and a public health crisis we are seeking urgent humanitarian intervention," she added.

    Ms Russell said the four Dublin local authorities and the HSE homeless persons unit are responsible for providing emergency accommodation for the family.

    "These agencies need to act immediately to assist these families in leaving the roundabout and into emergency accommodation," she said.

    Ms Russell also insisted the HSE has a statutory obligation under the Child Care Act 1991 to protect and promote the welfare of all the children in the State
  2. Flucking gyppos!

    How about instead of providing the emergency accom and benefits they're after, they buy them all one-way tickets back to gyppo-land!
  3. Awwww..c'mon now...don't ya want to buy some lucky heather, or this brand new T.V. that fell offer this truck? Or maybe you want yer drive redone with this Tarmac I have going spare??? :w00t:
  4. 10-1 they'll be over here within 3 months...........................
    Just like the rest of the Irish Tinkers/Gypsy's, when the Irish Government made it hard for them to sub off of the State.
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

  6. Even the Romanians hate the Gypos (Zingara)! They do keep the flies away from the food, though.

    How long before they are on a ferry heading East?
  7. I fuking hate GYPOS!
  8. [​IMG]

  9. Just heard on the news that they have been escorted off the roundabout by the Garda and are being deported. Lucky they didn't escort them up here and dump them over the border.

  10. I'll say it again Menace...with an avatar like that, you could have easily joined our good friends the Gypos!!! :w00t:

    (sorry mate, just couldn't resist that!) :thumright:
  11. My mother loved me and so did the CGI at Whale Island!!!
  12. :thumright:

    Frightening!! Truly frightening!!...
  13. As usual they listen to a celebrity (Zebedee) and move these people on, but they never listen to us... :thumright:
  14. That senior plod has to be joking! Law abiding!

    Back in the home town they moved on land next to a old warehouse when they finally moved them onwards the guy who owned the land and warehouse was totally gobsmacked. The place was stacked to the rafters with conifer cuttings!

    Then we had my favourite trail field taken over by the law abiding travellers. Ditch full of old plastic gutters spouts and bags of shite.
  15. Wise move but where did they deport them to? Romania or good old GB?
  16. About ten days ago some "travellers" moved onto a farmers field in the Havant area. Knowing this could encourage more campers, he drove a vehicle into the field and blocked the entrance. The police then came along and told him to shift his lorry. He pointed out that it was on his property, and he was trying to save himself the expense of clearing up after his uninvited guests had left. He was informed that they had "rights" that the police had to uphold and if he didn't open the field up he could be arrested and prosecuted. So the lunatics really are running the asylum!

    Semper Strenuissima
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I found that the mere threat of a tanker load of pig shit usually encouraged movement from the fields, especially when the farmer started spraying on the far side of the field..

  18. Shaking my head in amazement , we must be fxxxxxxxxxg mad in this Country , you couldn't make it up , :pukel:
  19. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Chapter and verse:

    They also parked on the Council car park, blocking the councillors' parking spaces.

    One is advised that these clean and tidy people (police description) eschew using normal lavatories and crap al fresco. Plus rubbish, broken glass, dogshit everywhere as dogs run loose all the time.
  20. As has been stated the Romanians do not like the Roma, When working in Northern Romania I was in Satu Mare when cyanide was added to the Romas drinking water, when that did not work they added lead and that did not work

    Big problem is that they are coming in droves and nothing can stop them, they see the UK as having pavements of Gold and sadly for them this is true.

    I was asked the question by a Romanian was it true that people got paid for not working in the UK ? no matter what barriers that I added all he wanted to know was that he could get paid for having rugrats and sitting on his arse all day.

    As far a living o a roundabout goes - easy build a wall round it and leave the twats in there.


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