Romanians leave NI after attacks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. BBC News:

    One hundred Romanians who fled their homes in Belfast after a spate of recent attacks have decided to leave Northern Ireland and return home.

    Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie said 25 people had already left and a further 75 were going to leave as soon as they could.

    Mrs Ritchie said just 14 people had decided to stay in the country.

    The Housing Executive has said it is paying for the families to return to Romania using emergency funds.

    Though I do not agree with the tactics I can understand it. The UK cannot afford to support this continual river of immigrants from Eastern Europe and you have to ask yourself why is the UK their first choice country.?
  2. Shut yer fukk-tard mouth.
    Immigration is a problem everywhere.

    Even in a second world country like Malaysia they moan about the Indonesians coming in.

    Countries however need immigration....

    Actually I'm too lazy to continue. If you're not educated enough to see the benefits of it I'm not gonna hold your hand through all the complexities in life.
  3. :roll: :)
  4. How very un socialist!
  5. lol ok I'll bite and send a piece of education your way.

    the MAJORITY of immigrant leave Romania (put any country beneath any another country) to move to England (malaysia, America) and are so inredibly grateful to be any place where there is opportunity that they work their fooking arse off.

    A close friend of mine who grew up (I visited it) what can only be described as a bigger/stitched together chicken shed in Malaysia. His mum sold all her jewellery for him to come to England to study at university.

    Last year he graduated with a PHD in epilepsy. He also worked every opportunity he could (and got alopecia in the process) whilst studying in this country and is now working in a mental health institue for the NHS.

    Incidentally, that institute you would be VERY lucky to find a white person working on these wards. Because english people would rather not work in a place like that with illness's society would like to forget about.

    So virtually all these people working on our NHS wards are not only highly educated and willing to work in a job English people refuse to do, but on top of that most of them having similar stories to my friend (growing up in poverty) work 70 hour weeks (contributing massively to our taxes/pensions. And they are happy to do so (being so grateful to be in a free country).
    You'll find similar stories for virtually any sector an English person would look down on.

    Let me ask you a question, what race was the last doctor you saw? The last 4 doctors I've seen were either indian or hungarian.

    The shi't that passes for newspapers in this country makes you feel like immigrants are the worst thing in the world. I assure you, the NHS would not work if immigrants didn't work backbreaking hours. Ie. whats a better headline? "Majority of doctors are immigrants" or "Pakistani's claiming record benefits!"

    All in all I'd bet the majority of the romanians worked stupid fukking hours in shi't jobs that me or you wouldn't want to do.

    What England SHOULD be pi'ssed about, is the amount of fukktard spastic single English mothers we support in Yorkshire. Where none of the c'unts work, just claim off the dole and cos of their little-future-pikey get 2 bed flats and a reasonable income for free. C;unts.
  6. I do hope that the actions of a few unrepresentative thugs doesn’t sully our good name overseas. If word gets around, the much needed influx of Big Issue vendors and beggars would dry to a trickle. We should be glad to take our share.
  7. It would be nice to see police reports for the area since the influx of these Romanians.
    According to some reports in the two years since their arrival petty crime has increases substantially as have handbag thefts and muggings.
    Of course this could be a pure coincidence and may be the local scum have increased their skulduggery knowing that the incomers would be blamed.
    We must allow others from the EU to come to our shores and work, it's part of the rules. However we need to tighten up on our social security benefits system. At present the payments for those with children is far too good, reduce it to subsistence levels and not only will we see a fall in the number of immigrants, we will see an increase in our own lazy bastards getting work and inputting to the system for a change.
  8. Mate I kid you not before people do the usual and blame immigrants we should look to all the benefits a person can claim if they have a child

    Job seekers £200 a month

    Housing benefit £700 (or there abouts depending on the size of ur flat or house)

    And god knows what other benefits you can claim when you've got a kid.

    All I can say was I met a shit load of people in Wakefield, living in what can only be described as luxury, just cos they've squatted out another of societies messes

    Fukk em I say, the Darwin theory is valid for a reason and as long as we're supporting English working class fukk tards like that the gene pool is gonna continue to be diluted
  9. That is what I have just said!
    Because of the generosity of our welfare system for those with children we get more than our share of immigrants wanting their portion.

    Now working single men and women who are childless, pay proportionately more than those with children through taxation but if joblessness is forced upon them their benefits are extremely meagre.
    Something about the welfare system stinks.
  10. I believe it’s all part of the directive to reduce “child povertyâ€.
  11. I think the girls and boys who have children and live off benefits for a long time should have every claim looked further into. So they will recieve so much for food and drink (no alcohol or tobacco) and will have to shop at sainsburys or a specific shop, get the receipt and send it back to the benefits office to be checked.

    If they abuse this then no more payments will be made and all of this depending if enough evidence is provided to explain WHY the father cannot work.

  12. I don't live in Wakefield so the last Doctor I had a consultation with was English and socialism has nothing to do with supporting every Zoltan, Catalina and Dragos that gets off the boat.
  13. Bunch of wimps. The good people of Belfast used to attack me on an almost daily basis and racial banter like "Fcuk off and die you English bastard" and other folksy sayings just made me want to stay in that fair city a little longer.

    Of course being tooled-up with everything from an L42 to a 9mm Browning may have been an advantage that I had that the Romanians didn't.

    Anyway - who want's to live next door to some thieving, low-life, itinerant Pikeys who barely speak english, who's only ambition is to milk the dole for all it's worth and who use violence whenever it suits them. Better off heading back to Romania to get away from them.

    RM :bootyshake:
  14. The media has reported this now because of the large numbers involved (120), but this has been going on for years in N.Ireland. People have been burned out of there homes here because of there race or colour, but nothing has been reported.
    Why is it being done, has some one stated, they get all the benefits going, because the UK is a soft touch, local people do not get what they get, locals have a hard job to survive on what they get.
    A Eastern European Woman sits outside the local Post Office with a begging bowl, the good Christian people here fill it up daily, (she is on benefits as well), but what they are begining to learn now after it has been spotted Her Husband drives her every morning and drops around the corner in a BMW 4 wheel drive not an old one either.(What do they cost new)
    Now perhaps this will give some of you some understanding why these things are happening.

  15. These are not 'immigrants'… they are economic migrants who's only interest is to claim every single penny in benefit they can while sitting on their arse smoking and drinking in between nicking everything in the area that isn;t bolted down…

    Roma are theiving scum, no matter were you go in the world, find Roma, find crime …
  16. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    I thought they left about 1400 years ago. I mean - what did they ever do for us, eh?

  17. And there was me thinking socialism was all about treating people fairly and equally.
  18. Glad to see you like Northern Ireland almost as much as I do...the biggoted shower of ******* are best left to stew in their own fetid juice.

  19. HA HA HA
    all the english people on this thread are making me laugh, the good people of Belfast are merely indulging in a little "housecleaning" as condoned by the Labour governments NI office!
  20. Yes it is and any foreign national is welcome in my country as long as they contribute, by working and paying taxes however if they just come here to prey off the taxpayer they should be send packing, as we have enough indigenous parasites and if anyone thinks that’s not fair I would like to hear their reasons.

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