Rolly Boddy (Commanded HMS Chediston)

Hello all,

I wonder if anyone can tell me anything about this officer? He is my Great-uncle and I'd love to find out more about his naval career. I have a clipping about him when he commanded HMS Chediston on her maiden voyage into the Baltic (I think it was 1948), during which trip she anchored briefly at Oskarshamn in Sweden.

There are other pictures of him (Looking younger) on the bridge of another vessel in which a lifebelt bearing 'HMMTB' but no name is visible.



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TNA in Kew and Portsmouth Central Library (for instance) hold copies of the Navy List and you can trace any officer at six-month intervals using this. Jane's will then give you a picture of the appropriate ship. If Chediston is what I think it is (Ton-class CMS) it wasn't built until 1954 earliest.
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