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Rolls Royce Repairs

trelawney126 said:

Do you reckon they could do some fibre work on my (RR) Robin Reliant for free if I told them it was damaged by rioting Womans Institute Members :wink:

PR value to Rolls Royce for the Royals using its products = priceless.
PR value to Rolls Royce for repairing the POW's car for free = priceless plus.
PR value to Rolls Royce for repairing some pleb's Robin Reliant for free = nil.
(They'd probably pay you to keep quiet about it. :lol: )


War Hero
What the fcuk is a Robin Reliant?

Is it something similar to a Capri Ford?...

...or a Vectra Vauxhall? :roll:


War Hero
Ballistic said:
What the fcuk is a Robin Reliant?

Is it something similar to a Capri Ford?...

...or a Vectra Vauxhall? :roll:

Obviously not a "Fools and Horses" fan. Cushty.
Or a Supervan Regal?

I think it was that Brummy intellectual Jasper Parsnip (or was it carrot) that first released the car manufacturer Robin on an unsuspecting Britain.


War Hero
They are tremendous vehicles remember being overtaken by one on the Ringwood Road travelling from Pompey to Guzz and I was doing 80 in a Vauxhall chevette. (With a following wind). :oops:


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Super Moderator
A mate on my killicks course had Reliant van. He rolled it on Fareham roundabout when he was p1ssed one Friday. He got some passerby's to help him get it back on it's wheels and then drove off.
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