Roll up, Roll up, place your bets.....

How's it going to end?

  • Walk in the woods

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  • Car crash

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  • Food poisoning

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  • The spectacular

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  • Disease

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  • Hit and Run

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  • Other

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War Hero
I reckon that wikileaks fella, the founder and bloke that looks like a geek, Julian Assange isn't destined to see old bones.
He has done a magnificant job in p1ssing off some of the worlds most powerful Governments and agencies, unfortunatley people like him seem to come to a premature end. So, what do you reckon it'll be? I'm not for one tiny little moment suggesting anyone would do him harm, no sir, that's just not cricket and Governments just dont do that kind of thing....... :wink:

So what "natural" end will befall him?

1. The long drop.....Falling off a cliff, falling out of a tree whilst pruning those hard to reach top branches, falling off the roof whilst cleaning the gutter etc.

2. The walk in the woods.... The Dr Kelly method of suicide with a rusty penknife, two asprins and 4 spots of blood.

3. The car crash.....brake failure, instantanious burn up etc.

4. Food poisoning....dodgy curry

5.The spectacular.... Gas explosion taking out the whole house.

6. The disease.... Instant cancer, like platonium poisoning.

7. Hit and run.... Taken out by a fast moving bike or steam roller.

8. Other... Your suggestion.
I reckon he might end up the unfortunate victim of an accident. You know, the type of accident where you trip and fall headfirst onto a silenced M25 round.


War Hero
My guess is the poisoned-tip brolly, so the Elmers can blame the 'bad guys', you know, the one's who let Russia hold the World Cup tournament.
I'm on "Other" voter.

Methinks a aircraft crash would be favourite in my opinion!!!!

Possibly with Hamsa in the co-pilots seat!!!!!!!
I vote "Walk in the woods" as the hounding is well under way and I'm sure if he is feeling suicidal no-one will be looking out the phone number of the Samaritans for him.
I doubt he'll be outing any of Putin's dirty laundry, no one that daft wants to live to a ripe old age.
I'd say a big Swedish bikie gang member will f*ck him to death when he goes down for rape.

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