Roll on Raleigh


Lantern Swinger
Anyone else feeling the burden of not being at Raleigh after Christmas?

Really doing my head in. I think I'm in need of my PO telling me that something (whatever it may be!) isn't up to standard and the PTI's laying into my fat!

Miss running across the quadrangle without a beret on for a smoke at Pellew.

Miss getting up at stupid'o'clock to march-ish to scran and eat shit for 10 minutes before bolting back and ironing my lovely, freshly washed no.3 shirt.

Miss the discipline! Who thought any new recruit would say that!

Roll on Raleigh! only a week to go! :w00t: :thumright:


Lantern Swinger
i know how you feel mate i didnt know what to do with myself on summer leave its a bit of a shock to the system going back to civvy street for a couple weeks !


Lantern Swinger
You will get used to it and in later years come to relish going on leave. Dont let your standards drop while on leave but above all enjoy it, it will be over far too soon.

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