Other then amphipious assult, what do the royal marines do. I know there commando units, but what kind of commando stuff do they do. Are they like SAS, or SBS, how often do they do raids. If there was ever another "big" war and they were mobilised what would there primary role be, regular infantry that does raids sometimes or would they be put in there own remote defensive position and do constint raids, and sobotage missions. I read on the internet that they are elite infantrymen, but then ill read somewhere else that they conduct raids. Im very confused so can someone basically tell me what they would be doing during a war.


in the iraq war they were used to take the oil fields (a strategic target), and were some of the first forces in the country, with the exception of the SF.

in a big war, they would probably be used as a first wave force.
taking specific targets like small towns or buildings, demolition of targets like enemy defence positions etc to clear the way for the main force.

from boarding ships to taking specific targets, commandos have got it all covered.

i wouldnt think there would be too much of the WW2 style "rock up in a little boat, creep about and kill a sentry" kinda stuff because that would probably be the SBS' role.

marines are some of the best. hence they get that sort of mission.
you dont use the RM in a battle which is just a case of overwhelming the enemy by having more men and laying down more rounds,
just like you dont get use 10 000 army infantry for a night raid on enemy positions.

raiding is a strong part, and the way i understand it, is that they take, secure, and the handover to the army for the most part.

with commando troops of like 800 each, (there are 3 troops), you dont go wasting them by posting them to hold control of areas that have no trouble. the RM dont have the numbers to be a main force in a large scale invasion.

basicly, the marines arent the troops for the battle of the somme type scenarios.
however it is dressed up, some battles are simply a case of get enough men to run at a machine and eventually they'll get rid of it.
not quite so much anymore, but still with the level of training the basic army infantry recieve, if they are the main force, it can end up being a case of fire as much as you can in the vague direction of the enemy

short answer is the marines are like the middle ground between the army and the special forces.

highly trained enough to all be decent shots, and a proffessional, elite fighting force, with brains as well as braun being important, but not quite the stealthy, mental case marksmen who are trained in everything you can think of as standard of the special forces.


Vey helpful thank you. Also one more question, seeing as the marines are a brigade sized force. Would they ever be put in a army division, or if an ampihibious assult were to happen but there was a need for a large fore would the marines take part, and the army provide the rest of the soldiers? Or would the army just do the whole thing.


it would be unlikely.

the interaction between the marines and army is similar to that between the SBS/SAS and the army.

while the army may provide support, they are unlikely to be combined into one whole force.

the army / navy may provide artillery, air or boat support for special forces, but SAS members dont really tend to bunch up with normal infantry as part of a main attack group.

the same would tend to go with the RM.

the may reason is because of the difference in training.
royal marine training emphasises teamwork, and you are taught to do your bit, and have confidence in your team mates doing their bit.

if you suddenly start lumping lesser trained army infantry in there, they are likely to conduct themselves differently in battle.
if you've got a guy with less training in a team, his inexperience could lead to other members of the group biting it.

basicly, if your a corpral in the RM and your barking orders to attack in a certain formation, and half the people dont know what the **** to do, most people will cop it.

i dont think the RM would ever really be put with the army, and treated as all the other army infantry.

if they work together, the fact they are the superior troops will be aknowledged and there role will be set accordingly.

for amphibious assaults, yes the marines train for this, but simply, you dont send half of your best troops to get pinned down by machine gun fire on a beach and risk heavy casualties.

d day landings type assults would probably not be carried out by the marines.
the people at the top dont tend to see individual people, more numbers and forces.
they dont send the best they have to become machine gun fodder, they send the more expendible troops.
it aint pretty or very nice, but its sense. apart from the fact that they are all men, they are lesser trained, and easier to replace in their eyes.


I hear what your saying but if there was a "big" war then the marines would be a lot larger then it is now, as more people will enlist. Also im sure if a d-day came around again there would be some marines. But thanks for the reply.


well there would be more marines, but its still just relative.
there would be more marines, but more army, and more enemy too.

you would probably have around the same sort of percentage as you do now, just a bigger scale.

also, the marines wouldnt get as big as the army.
the selection is tough, so average joe civvie would be in the army infantry, with only the athletes and sportsmen etc going in to the marines.

also, yes if there was a d day, the marines would do what commandos etc did then too. they would probably be dropped behind enemy lines, preparing the way for the advancing force, probably not slogging it out on the beachs.

the commandos are more suited to dropping in at night, and blasting holes in the road and desrupting troops trying to get to the beaches, as opposed to actually being the people who face the machine guns and hope.

but as i said, its all quite hard to pin down, it depends on lots of factors, like the nature of the battle etc


canuck123 said:
Vey helpful thank you. Also one more question, seeing as the marines are a brigade sized force. Would they ever be put in a army division, or if an ampihibious assult were to happen but there was a need for a large fore would the marines take part, and the army provide the rest of the soldiers? Or would the army just do the whole thing.

3 Cdo Bde was part of 1(UK) Div during TELIC 1. On PSO and other Ops the Bde or Cdo Units have come under OPCON/OPCOM army 1 and 2 stars. Likewise, RM Maj Gens have commanded in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan. FI the RM are not a "Bde sized force". There is a large, by comparison to 16 AA and 19 Lt, Bde Orbat with what in the Field Army would be Div Tps. In addition there is 1 Assault Gp (ASRMs and Trg Sqn), FPGRM, and several smaller units. Amphibious asslt is a main role of the Corps but it is about more than getting off boats and LCs.



Ha this conversation is quite funny! Sounds like school yard stuff!

In the falklands 2 & 3 Para attacked from the north (mt Longdon), with 40 Cdo attacking from the south with the 1st welsh Guards. 42 & 45 cdo assaulted 'two sisters' and Mt Harriet respectively. None of these battle groups dropped into action (Although I believe SAS/SBS may have prior to the insersion of the Para's/Marines).

Basically mate to wrap your questions up in one, the RM are used as shock troops. i.e they are highly trained and will therefore see more action than most other infantry units. My mums boss is Major in the RMR and was shot on Op Tellic-he happily comments that he is 'cannon fodder!' Just take Afghanistan for example; 3 cdo bde are sent in to guard the Royal Engineers while they build the camp bastia. Then they send in 16AA bde to take the brunt of the action and after 6 months relieve them with who.... 3 cdo bde. Thats how it is mate, shock troops not special forces.

Oh Chris check this out mate

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