Roles and waiting times


I've searched for these, not found anything yet, so here goes.

Is anyone an ETME, AET or Chef? Whats day to day life like? What kinda shit do you get up to, what kinda free time can you expect?

And for these three roles does anyone know what the waiting times are?



There's plenty of those people around on the forums. But do search before expecting an answer. You can find documentaries on Phase 1 training at Raleigh to get a glimpse into the day to day. You shouldn't expect free time during Phase 1 I think, because it's meant to shake people together and so it's really group based from what I can gather.

I think waiting times strongly depend on a mixture of your personal circumstances and what's going on in the RN. Some roles are really popular for example, so there's more people to sift through. Most would probably recommend that you check in with your nearest AFCO about this. If you're lucky, NInja might answer you regarding waiting times.

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