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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by CrunchT, Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. Hi, I have been looking into joining the RN recently and I was wondering what kind of role would suit me best. I was looking towards a role that would have transferable skills for after my service is done. Like skills that would allow me to train as a ferry captain or a deck hand. Thanks for any replies, I just can't seem to get relevant information from the RN website. Also I am scottish so if Scotland were to gain independence what position would I be in?
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  2. Comment binned.

    Huh - but still down there - hang on, I've got an up arrow and a left/right arrow. Where's me bloody down arrow?

    Stupid computer.
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  3. I never mentioned pissing off after training. If you find the post in bad taste I apologise, I simply meant what roles would leave me with transferable skills after my service is done. There would be no pissing off involved but eventually I would be leaving so I believe it would beneficial to perform a role that would leave me in a solid position. I would fully intend to serve for however long I was needed but as far as I can tell from the RN website you are not likely to be kept on after your service.

    I asked that question at the end of my post incase any scots who are serving were informed of what position they would be left in or whether it had been mentioned in the white paper and I had missed it.
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  4. people would probavly try to help you in some way if we knew what you liked in your question. not to worry there allways the carrer finder on the navy website all the info is on their about what you could achieve also you get learning credits once your in so use em! go to your afco and have an chat with em thats what i did

    when the going gets weird the weird turn pro
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Ferry Captain & Deck Hand are pretty different skill sets.

    Whilst not directly transferable, the closest RN equivalents are Warfare Officer & Seaman Specialist.

    With regard what would happen if Scotland gained independence, it is not a military decision, it's entirely political so you're probably best seeking advice from your local MP with regard proposed career options for Scots service personnel.
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  6. Thanks for the replies. A deck hand and a captain are pretty far apart now that I think about it. I have struggled to find much on the RN website so far, I'll have another look later on.

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  7. Just for Cash, can you ask Father Christmas to bring you a spell and grammar checker for Chrimbo. Trying to read and understand your posts is like trying to read a braille version of the Pay and Travel regs.
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  8. Random question for Ninja - when did we get into "roles" to "perform"? I'm guessing this must be coming from the RN's literature but reasonably confident the old idea of "joining" a "branch" to do something called a "job" or "trade" wasn't confusing the masses.... Hell we even had "Supply and Secretariat" until about 2004 - when they became "Logistics" overnight I immediately had a much greater sense of what it was they were there for*

    OTOH, maybe the little darlings are happier with the self-affirming psychobabble....

    - counting things
    -tidying things
    -cooking things
    -telling me why the UPO was "just closing"
  9. Welcome, CrunchT.

    May I ask how old you are and what you have in the way of qualifications?

    What kind of employment have you had so far (if applicable)?
  10. wrecker l i have tried before but for some reason he never quite understands what im asking for either. :-( The woes of me, i have to say its a sarcastic world we live in

    when the going gets weird the weird turn pro
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  11. What can I say!

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  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To be honest, in the quest for "simplicity" the mob is fantastic at confusing the hell out of everyone (as many will recall from the more recent Logistic branch specialisations debacle). The absolute stunner was the bone-headed idea to prefix all Naval service email addresses with the word "navy" for "clarity". Yeah right - the upshot was thousands of email addresses becoming obsolete and literally hundreds of thousands of emails never reaching their intended recipient because someone fixed something that wasn't broken.

    Those of us with service experience will know different "jobs" as specialisations within branches, but other services call them trades.

    The RN website has a function called "role finder" which then sorts "roles by branch". By this, the branch denotes Logistics, Engineering, Medical, Warfare and the "roles" within these "branches" are individually listed. To some it would be better to call the individual roles within a branch, specialisations.

    The performance bit, for me is a mystery - I always thought performance was a gauge of how well someone undertook their work.
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  13. 17, I have standard grades at a 2 and a 1 in English and maths. Will have highers in English maths, biology, computing and history by summer.

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  14. Surely your the only person that can answer that after a visit to the careers office to see what's on offer! Then what you are capable of doing, intellect and medical being the governing factors.

    But your range of interest from Captain to seaman!!!!! Is this a whim?
  15. CrunchT

    This isn't a suggestion which has a connection to a later career as a Ferry Captain/Deck Hand, but it might be something you might like to consider:

    Logistics Officer| Royal Navy

    Logistics Officer Submariner | Royal Navy
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Do you have 5 Standard grades, including the maths & English?
  17. I have 8 Standard Grades including English and maths. I realise that the two jobs are at the opposite end of the scales- I would like to work as a ferry captain after I finished my service but obviously there is only a limited number of job opportunities in this field. Ill had down to my local careers office and have a speak with them. Once again thanks for the replies.

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  18. There are so many variables in the job market in the future. It only takes a stock market crash to see companies drop experienced staff. If you see the Navy as a career then join as something you really will enjoy whilst serving, because if you join and select a proffession simply as way of laying the ground work for the future you could end up with a shit time in the Navy and who's to say the job you foresee yourself in years from will exist!!!

    A few thoughts! It's your life!
  19. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Why not go straight for the merchant navy?

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
  20. I was looking to the navy as a enjoyable early career until my 30s or 40s. I was thinking of the merchant navy but I feel I would enjoy the experience of the Royal Navy more.

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