Role Of A Seaman Specialist

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by CynicalBrit, Mar 1, 2016.

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  1. Hey all, done some research of what a Seaman Specialist does, however i can't really find any in-depth stuff.
    Could some of you fine peeps give me abit more insight on what i'll be doing etc etc.
  2. I hear they paint the ship.
  3. It does seem that way haha, alot of people are saying it's shite, think my afco would be pissed off at me if i chose to switch now? I'm just about to redo my fitness test
  4. From what I know it's never to late to change (unless you're at Raleigh ;) ) but some folk say it's crap, from what I know and hear it seems good. The armed forces is one of these things where is what you make of it. No effort no fun.
  5. That's very true, i've heard alot of "You'll be on that bridge all day every day" In all honesty I wouldn't mind that haha, If i was to switch i'd probably go for a Weapons Engineer, but Seaman Spec doesn't seem that bad, just wanted a broader list of things i'd be doing. Don't what to be asked by an officer or someone about my role then look like a twat being clueless XD
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  6. Your main problem with the Seaman Specialist role will be all the knobs who think you are an expert on the stuff that comes out of their knobs ;)
  7. haha, Believe me i've already had alot of jokes thrown my way haha
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  8. But if Gunnery and general sailoring is your thing then it's the branch to go for.
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  9. We all have
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  10. Yes you will keep watches on the Bridge, where you will either be Bosun's Mate/ Quarter Master driving the ship or Tac OP doing signals via radio or Flashy Light and flags (which was the old Bunting branch's job).

    When not keeping watches, you will either be in the sea boat for various tasks be it man over boards, buoy jumping either as Bowman or Coxswain.

    You will carry out various ship husbandry tasks such as chipping and painting. You will also do various roles in seamanship evolutions such as coming alongside, RAS etc.

    Ship dependant you maybe required to man GMPG's/Mini guns but not always. You will be trained to carry out ganway duties when alongside and also part of fire party duties.

    Yes you will clean flats, heads and bathrooms just like any other branch and messes has those responsibilities too.

    You may enjoy it, you may not. One person will say it's rubbish another will say it's good.

    Only you can decide that.
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  11. Sounds pretty good in all honesty. Pretty balanced role by the seems of it, what about on shore stuff, such an if we ever get into humanitarian aide stuff would i be involved? Also could you explain some of the Abbreviations etc, such as Bosuns Mate, RAS, Bowman and Coxswain . sorry for not understanding what they are haha
  12. Bosun is the bloke with the whistle (as far as I know) RAS is Replenishment (Refuel) At Sea and a Coxswain is the pilot and captain of a very small boat
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  13. Ah okay , thanks :)
  14. When you join a ship you will put in a billet for the branch, that billet will dictate which roles you do.

    Bowman - Person who assists Coxswain in the seaboat.
    RAS - Replenishment At Sea
    Bosun's Mate - Quartermaster's bitch
    Coxswain - Seaboat driver (in this case)

    You can google most of these.

    As for shore side stuff - it's dependant really on your rank will depend what billets are available to you when due shore time.

    AS for Humanitarian stuff, again that would depend on the ship, what skills are required etc will decide on what personnel are used ashore or on board in variosu roles.
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  15. Thanks for the help mate :)
  16. Whats the current waiting time for seaman spec?
  17. Several moons ago, I joined up as a Dabber, which is a Seaman. I had passed the exams for Tiff, but didn't want to go back to school. I have to say I had a ball, being out in the sun all day when foreign, though the chipping and painting was a bit of a bind. Lots of boaty things to do. Did it for4 years.

    I eventually re-catted and ended up..........a Chief Tiff!
  18. Seems pretty mint then, only thing is my first ship will probs be in Plymouth haha XD
  19. I was a LS(M) in the 70's and 80's doing the job of today's Seaman Specialist. If you're after a wide ranging skill set and an even wider variety of day to day activities then you can't go far wrong with this branch (I'm sure it hasn't changed that much).
    I was driving a 6,500 tonnes Guided Missile Destroyer around the Indian Ocean when I was seventeen. Not many of my school pals could match that.
    There are those tedious mundane jobs to do from time to time but that's the same for every branch.
    My nephew is on his first draft as a Seaman Specialist and he couldn't be happier. Don't let anyone tell you it's a crap branch because it's not.
    Enjoy it and it is what you make of it. Good luck. :)
  20. It is one of the worse branches on a ship, honestly your involved in everything on the upper deck, bridge, than just chip and paint, de rust, they say it's all boats and guns it's isn't on my first ship I didn't go in the boat once, apart from task book ticking off. It's not rewarding at all, and depending on who your buffer is it can be made worse by not being able to phys during the dogs! Hardly any time off at sea and alongside doing ships side

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