Role application questions

Hi guys just few questions:
Can you apply for cadetship (officer) and a apprenticeship (rating) role at the time?
Is it the same recruitment interview panel (interviewers) for both?
If they don't think your strong enough candidate to go forward to AIB could they offer you apprenticeship?
TIA guys

chef ramsay


From what I was told by the recruiting people, you can only apply for one role at a time. If you change your mind and want to apply for another role, you must withdraw the first application and then start from scratch with a new application for the other role.

I have seen a thread where someone had two separate email accounts and had separate applications for different roles running concurrently. I don't know how they got on to be honest so can't comment.

As far as interviews go, there will be someone from recruiting and a subject matter expert specific to the role you are applying for (two people), so in short, no, it will not be the same recruitment panel for all roles.

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