Roger Waters MEN Arena 20 May 2011

I went to watch Roger Waters perform The Wall at the MEN last friday, did anybody else go to the same show or any of his others.

just had to say it was the best concert ive ever been to and if Pink Floyd ever get back together then they would have to do something major to beat Rogers show...
David Gilmour joined old band mate Roger Waters on stage on Thursday, 12/05/11, at London’s O2 Arena to perform in Roger Waters’ epic tour of The Wall. David played lead guitar on ‘Comfortably Numb’ using his "black Fender Stratocaster" guitar and also brought his mandolin out at the end of the show for the final song, ‘Outside the Wall’. The concert was also attended by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.
I went to the First night at the O2 11 Jun 2011 (Not the night Gilmore turned up) and really really enjoyed it. I had only ever seen the wall live done by the Aussie Pink Floyd before. Did luckily see Pink Floyd back in the 80's at Wembley Stadium during their Pulse days. Also seen Gilmore (Amsterdam) and Roger waters (O2 - Dark side of the Moon and Hyde Park) doing individual shows
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