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ROE - Please read before posting


Deleted 7

Well, good day lads and ladettes, I thought I'd lay down some T&C's to this forum, so please do read before posting.


Any serving or Ex serving members will know the situation with PERSEC/OPSEC. And for those who do not know, material that is counted sensitive or classified will be removed immediately, also information that is not public domain.

NO ship movements /exercises/de-ammunitioning etc to be displayed with in the Qtr deck unless it has already been established within an official standard e.g. Navy news.


We all like a bit of banter at times, which is good and I would like this to be a relaxed forum but please use some common sense when posting. This comes in the line of abuse but like onboard, certain things will be tolerated but not personal attacks. Upon reading the below, if I feel a post should be deleted, it will be. I will PM the involving members, however if I wish to do so, without notice, I can and will delete a post without warning, on the grounds that the members involved have been informed of this. If at any time you would like to raise a complaint with the CO's, please do so by following the proceedures on this link.

There will strictly to be NO racist remarks/avatars or signatures.

Flirting/banter is ok but if it is going to drag anything out, please move it to PMs.

Abusive language, just keep in mind who is reading!

Trolls - No attention seeking trolls please. If anything is deemed this, it will be removed.

Trouble - you know who are from other sites, like causing trouble then don't bring it in here. I am relaxed about certain things but I will not stand for a bad seed!

If you do not agree with the ROE instated, please do PM me, the same goes with any issues or general questions.

On that note, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride :wink:

p.s. I am always open to suggestions

Your ever loving Jenny xxxxx

Edited T&Cs

If you are strictly here for advertising, please do PM myself before positng..
I have left the t7C's unlock due to recent issue, if you feel any rules should be added or chaged, please say so in reply to this post. Also, to help me, please supply a reason why/for/against etc.

P.S. No trouble please, signs of it will be deletd without warning, this is for help, not abuse.

Thanks for publishing your rules, a good move I think and perhaps others may follow. Just a couple of points

Firstly when and if you find the need to act on the basis of thes or for that matter any other rules may I respectfully suggest that your descision and solution be made public. Justice needs not only to be done but be seen to be done.

Secondly whilst I can see occasions where private discussions between a member and a moderator may be wholly appropriate, there will equally be occasions where such interaction would be best done in public.

Once again thank you for your efforts.

It would also be good to keep an eye on witch hunts, one mod in particular (yes we pm) has vowed to delete all my posts on his forums, and has deleted a post of mine that was in response to being called a twat from one of the other members. This should stop.
That is precisely why I suggest that action by moderators should be open and if they delete posts this should be recorded.

Thanks for replying, obv. I will be making adjustments and such but with useful input, it makes it a happier place :D
Hi there,

just joined this quality site and the only snag ive got is that as a 3 badge PO i want to get rid of the midshipman tag. How do i do it? How do I put my Ships into my details
. Cheers.
It doesn't matter what you are out there, it's what you are in here that counts. Get posting, dear boy, get posting and watch those rates change!
gbrooksmith said:
Hi there,

just joined this quality site and the only snag ive got is that as a 3 badge PO i want to get rid of the midshipman tag. How do i do it? How do I put my Ships into my details
. Cheers.

It's to do with posting, as you rake up your post numbers your rank will go up also :wink:
mirador said:
Are you in the pay of GB MOD?

If not, you will come clean. Otherwise we will know.


I notice you have censored your personal details. So who's pay are you in go on come clean.

You are more than welcome to examine mine go to Google Earth and find my house.

Of course if you cannot put up then shut up.


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