ROE Deployment Wives

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. MLP's comment on "Deployment wives."
    Whats the buzz, and what have we missed out on? :roll:
  2. A whole world of fun at sea. And pain and grief alongside. :wink:

  3. there you go Monty not listening , when they said "Fcuk women at sea", it was a statement of disapproval ,.........Not an order. 8O
  4. Damnit! My selective hearing gets me in the sh1te again!
  5. Best gash pipe I've ever heard whilst returning to Pompey after a 9 month deployment:

    Do you hear there we are now in UK territorial waters, therefore 3D Temporary Wives Stowage will be open for the return and stowage of all Deployment Wives.

    Quickly followed by:

    The following personnel are to muster at 3D Temporary Wives Stowage: A list of all the lads who had banged a wren on deployment was then read out.
  6. I like it, they should have waited until getting alongside so all the real wives and girlfriends stood on the jetty could have heard. That would have been brilliant.
  7. Do you still have to take the same precautions like strapping a plank to your arse or tattooing the name and address of your next of kin to the soles of your feet? A necessary precaution when visiting the old Dutchess of Kent Barracks Portsmouth. :D
  8. As long as you're wearing at least one item of issued kit, you're safe. FACT.
  9. I always wear one thick pussers black on each foot just to be safe. Not sure why the MOD are spending so much money on all this OSPREY Body armour, everyone knows that pussers thick blacks make you invincible. :wink:
  10. I opt for the Anti-Flash hood, on backwards with cable tied bear ears on top.
  11. With the anti flash on backwards are you not in danger of being labelled as the "Any port in a storm" type matelot? :wink:
  12. Or the surprise sex Matelot who doesn't wish to be indentified for legal reasons.
  13. I really am getting worried about you Trelawny old boy, you seem to have much to much interest in the Duchess of Kent barracks.

    You've mentioned them quite a lot just lately, is there anything you wish to confide in me.
    I promise not to tell anyone except the ships company. 8O :D :D
  14. Not really, I used to go cherry picking there when it was an orchard. Later on moving to Guzz had to find another agricultural site.. Wingfield Mansions. Had some beautiful grounds always something of interest. Perhaps you too visited the place. :D :D
  15. I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that you might be working for the "War Office", I deny all knowledge that the place even exists and I did not touch her in 69 it was a lie 8O :oops: :D
    And I know nothing of Rowner and swampy's missus ,or the Turks head. :oops:
  16. OR THE SPREAD EAGLE? :lol:
  17. Spread Eagle :thumbup:
  18. Whilst in Malta tried the "White mansions" mostly withering on the vine but some quite succulent when tasted. Why oh why did they close the naval hospitals, they all had such beautiful pastures.
    Whilst in Freemantle did you travel on the train to Perth, Never seen it done like that before.. never be able to view luggage racks in the same light again. :lol: :oops: :oops:
  19. Perth..........narrow gauge trains taking me to my beloved Subiaco, and my sticky green romance.
    I went ashore legless at the command of the RPO. Dev ships dance, and trapped a stripper. She stalked me for years, and even got at me in the UK. What a fuggin night mare. Mind you one good thing did come of it, the wife left me, so I can't complain.
    And as for Naval Hospitals well I married a QARNN, so I did OK from them. :twisted: :D

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