Rocket Ron's Police rant and other tales

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Rocket_Ron, May 17, 2013.

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  1. That`ll be because the police now have a reputation of charging the "have-a-go-hero"/someone defending themselves, as its easier than going after the original troublemaker.
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  2. There's some serious belming going on in the hallowed pages of this once great thread. This is just the latest pack of shite that merits a place only in the horrific triad of the Yahoo news, Daily Express and Daily Mail comments sections.

    Head, shit, take it for one.
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  3. You absolute cnut.
    I`m talking from personal experience so don`t try giving me that Daily Mail shite.

    Heres one for you, last week, not made the papers yet...

    Wor Lasses cousin walking round the local field when teenage scrote comes running up and punches her. She defended herself and with one swipe of her boot dislocated the throbbers knee. He got carried off by his two mates he was showing off to. She reports to police, and later so does he, saying he`s been assaulted by unknown assailants. Police come round and arrest her, admitting that this is the third time he`s attacked a woman in the field.

    Now if that doesn`t mark the coppers as cowardly little bastards, protecting the scum of this once great nation, then nothing will.

    Thats one story, i`ve got me own, which fortunately got thrown out by the judge at Crown Court, after the solicitors and barristers have shovelled plenty of tax money into their coffers.
  4. Was your story that you were arrested for being a quim?
  5. Long response typed out, read, re-read, and ditched as it is clear that some people are too fucking stupid to comprehend any kind of rational thought.

    You are a fucking idiot Ron. 'Once great nation' - get a fucking grip you worm.
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  6. So you think its ok for the police to protect scum who have committed the same illegal action twice previously ?
    When do you think they should get a ticking off ? Perhaps when we`ve left them with for long enough thinking their actions have no consequences, and thus go on to kill ?

    A long time ago there was an investigation that found that young adults convicted of violent crimes, generally had a history of animal cruelty years previously. Showing that if you don`t crack down early doors, things will escalate.
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  7. Rambling Ron, I haven't really got a clue what you are wittering about so can't respond.

    Maybe Sunday if I get bored.
  8. Nice dit but in true Daily Wail style no conclusion. So was the female in question worked over by the rozzers then sentenced to life in Holloway whilst the scrote in question was given a free holiday, house in the country and £1 million in compo.

    Or was the girl interviewed as the result of the complaint, found it was self defence and NFA whlst scrote got a caution or went before the beak.

    Don't spin half a dit to justify your argument, spin the whole one so we can see there's no case to answer.
  9. Utter bollocks.
    And you think i`m mentally deficient.

    You are allowed to use reasonable force, and that could be right up to a lethal level, as long as it is reasonable. You don`t have to be killed first to kill to save yourself.

    Yet again, those that throw out the insults are proved to be sadly lacking. Why don`t you save the electrons ?

    Wrecker, there isn`t a conclusion as yet. As i put, happened last week. My summons for my (seperate) incident came 12 weeks later.
  10. Don't you think it would be better to wait for a conclusion before you post

    Now if that doesn`t mark the coppers as cowardly little bastards, protecting the scum of this once great nation, then nothing will.

    Assumption being the mother of all fuck ups etc.
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  11. I was despairing that this greatest of threads wasn't funny any more. Business has just picked up again though.

    Magic, thanks Ron.
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  12. 'hairy back' :laughing3::clap::clap::clap:
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hang on, let me see if i've got this right. According to Rocket Ron, ALL coppers are cunts?
  14. No, I had to phone up my dad and he came and picked me up from central london outside embankment station.
  15. post #605 where you originally recounted the trainer story you said you had been pulled over so I presume you were driving...why would not having shoes on prevent you from continuing on your journey by car?
  16. But I wouldn't wish them away...there's always a cheap thrill from catching them out :)
  17. Where did i say he was retreating ?
  18. Thought so.
    Nothing factual to add, and sadly not even a funny opinion.

    Caught out again, eh ?

  19. My point exactly.
    If you`ve nothing sensible/funny to add, no words of wisdom, or any experiences, why don`t you keep out and let the grown ups natter ?
    You`re acting like a spoilt 2 year old...everybody look at me, look at me, oh...i`ve nothing to say.
    There`s a good chap.
  20. I'll say it again for the hard of understanding *ahem*

    So you went home barefoot and nobody asked what happened to your trainers then?

    I never asked how you got home, I asked if anyone had mentioned you fronting up with no footwear.

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