Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Saxon, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. Hello folks, havent posted in a while as ive just moved into a new home!

    Anyhow, I have a mate is on about joining the RAF Regiment, he says he would rather join them than the royals or army as they get paid more. I realise this is a navy forum but does anyone know much about them? I had a look at their website but predictably it just talks about how good they are! Im just wondering what the general opinion of them is in military cirlces.

    To be honest, Im not entirely sure I see the point in the RAF Regiment, but any info about them would be appreciated. Personally I am still trying to persuade mates to join the Royals instead, but he seems more keen on this.

    Anyways, sorry this is not directly related to the navy but I thought you guys would be the best to ask for an honest answer! Cheers!

  2. They do not get paid more, or they did`nt when i was working with the RAF up here.
  3. I'll Bite:

    Why not ask CRAB AIR,move your little pointer up to Purple Communities and click on E GOAT.

    edited to cause no offence to guys in the front line.
  4. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm going to nibble - no they don't get paid more, but they are getting fragged sensless. The bunch who are around here are threaders and are all very disenchanted.

    The Apes work primarily in the GDA (Ground Defence) role and are doing a really good job in "challenging" conditions, the worst of it is its almost back to back deployments and when they are home they are pretty much training to go straight back out. The gunners have just been given a retention bonus its that bad.

    If he wants to join fair play, he will see a lot of serious action in sandy places. Good luck to him.
  5. Had them at JSSU(Cyprus), totally agree 'Wave Dodger'. They seemed to work crazy watch systems with very little time off. Moral was not a good point with the majority of them.
  6. Rock-apes hated by everyone i suspect.

    Certainly dis-liked by the rest of Blue Air, a specialist security/ground defence force but everybody else has to do the guard/gatehouse duty.

    Tell your mate he`d be better joining up and learning a trade. Alternatively,if he likes living in a tent point him in the direction of TacComms.
  7. I am up for a bit of inter-service banter,but they have lost 3 guys in the last 4 weeks in Iraq .So I suggest this topic is subject to common sense at the moment .Please! I thank you.
  8. Well said that matelot errr...sludgemariner....errr..pongo :thumright:

  9. The ones I've dealt with have generally been pretty good, although their formal role is reasonably limited, ground defence. Caveat that with the point that they're being deployed outside that role to an extent.

    As already pointed out they're very heavily utilised.

    They do have opportunities to do SFSG, or work with 16 Air Assault HQ.

    As I understand it promotion is very slow, even in comparison to the rest of the RAF.

    They don't get any more pay than anyone else.
  10. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Well said Deeps, one of my mates up here is a Flt Sgt RAF Regt, good bloke and we share a common string of banter, Regt aren't well liked within the RAF but they are respected. The regt see the rest of the RAF as civvies in uniform, the rest of the RAF don't like that because they see themselves in that description and they hear the RN making the same dig.

    Good blokes with a job to do, they do it well.
  11. Take your Question to E-Goat or Arsse.

    Have Fun!!
  12. The RAF Regt is OK in many respects, but I know from past encounters that they are heavily into Rapier which is not everyones idea of fun. Although the Rocks do more roles/weapons than infantry. Putting this question on E-Goat could get a lot of gash replies because Penguins (I was one) don`t generally like the Rocks and the Rocks themselves may be tempted to sing their own praises.
  13. They do the same job as all forces .

    Take it somewhere else.

    Try a civvy Site
  14. I was under the impression that the Rapier Sqns were defunct now?
  15. When I was at RAF Honington in the early 70's my RAF Fire Fighters were all badged as RAF Regt. Don't know if that is the same now.
    They certainly didn't get any more money than my Naval Airman of the same rank.
  16. Tell your oppo to join Royal or the Army unless he wants to just drive around the COB all day in Basrah.
  17. mixyblob.I take you have spent a bit of time at the COB? Looking at your photo I guess you have. Surely the fct that the last rockape killed was actually shot around the Qamat ali bridge would tell you that they are not just patrolling around the perimiter of the COB.As you SHOULD know the Qamat Ali area is probably one of the most dangerous areas in Basrah.I suggest you wind your neck in and have a littlemore respect for the fallen.
  18. Apologies if I have offended and I have nothing but respect for those who have fallen and those who continue to patrol the Qarmat Ali bridge area however I see a different side to them out here thats all.
  19. I'm not sure when it changed, but they are 2 separate trades now, and firemen no longer wear the "mudflaps" (RAF Regiment badge).
  20. Cheers Crabs.

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