Rock music at Nelsons this Tuesday (23rd Sept)

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by bobc2112, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. A quick ad for a social at Nelson's in Gosport High Street on Tuesday 23rd Sept. My band is gigging there, mostly for the benefit of the VMs of my unit who go weekenders so don't get chance to rock out with us!!!! Anyways, we're on at 9, bar is open 'til one so if anyone is up for a spot of mid week rock, see ya there!!!!! \M/
  2. It's a bigger gig than our ships band on the Scylla.

    "Jimmy Jackstay and the Highpoints"

    We always looked forward to a gig on the flightdeck, as it meant an unlimited bar.
  3. Must be hard rocking in your diving gear??? I had some great times on the Scylla as well. We had a great band on the Gloucester called "Gravity" in the late 90's.


  4. No, sorry, SM, but the diving gear crack defeats me. Maybe you're just kinky that way.
    When were you on Scylla?
    '79/'80 for me. She paid off to become an Exocet Leander when I left.
    I remember passing her while going ashore in Guzz, '90, and thinking how small she looked.

    As to what happened to Jimmy Jackstay and the Highpoints, I think it's fair to assume they never made the big time!
  5. I was on the Scylla 85/86, took her down the Falklands. I tried to get back on her for her last deployment, but couldn't get the lad to swap with me.

    The diving thing is that she's now a diving wreck off the breakwater in Guzz.


  6. Ah! (sorry, Sunday night brain death)
  7. Ah! (sorry, Sunday night brain death)
  8. I had an enjoyable 9 months on the Scylla 78 ish. Was going to be 3 weeks but you know how drafties like to have fun.

    Dave Garwood was the flight commander.

    I managed to get a bunk in 3GA mess with the clankies. Not bad for a WAFU!!!

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