Robin Reliant Fire Engine

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Parade_Ho, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. Hahaha i love things like that, what a legend!
  2. Looks like benny hill behind the wheel.
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  3. I heard of a similar experiment with a Vectra Vauxhall...

    ...and another one with a Fiesta Ford...

    ... and a Golf Volkswagen... and a ...
  4. Better not get too close to the fire or they may end up with a puddle of plastic. About 5 hose lengths back should do it.
  5. article-2156474-1381C90E000005DC-298_634x402.jpg New replacement for the Viking..
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  6. Not sure we can really afford them.....
  7. If you break down
    RR tow truck.jpg

    Or fancy being a submariner

  8. I use to go to work with a bloke who had one of these.

    The best thing i saw was the face of two youngsters (late teens early twenties) as we passed their ford escort on the motorway.
  9. Haha brilliant! Love it.

  10. Tuk Tuk |Fire Engine designed for the narrow lanes in Bangkok tuk tuk fire engine.jpg

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