Robin and Donna

So who had Robin Gibb and Donna Summer down for the usual wooden overcoat? Donna Summer was a bit of a dark horse (pun intended). Used to fuel the fantasies with her singing, every bar down the Gut used to be playing "Love to Love You" when it came out in 1975.
"Ladies and on's the BEE GEES!....errrr no it's the BEE and a GEE.....hang on,
what I meant to say is here's the BEE - or is it just a GEE now?? Think it's a that right?"

* * * * * *
Bugger! I had him down as last Christmas's clog popper! Soddin' typical that he had to keep going till the middle of the year ... and if I hear one more Bee Gee track today I'm going to go mad!

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