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Robert Chatterton Dickson's speech at Diplomatic Correspondent Association of Bangladesh (DCAB)


This is weird.......I seem to be very well connected!! Rob C-D worked at Morgan Grenfell in the City at the same time as me after I left the RN. I remember him well because his father (Captain William C-D, RN) was the Captain at HMS Mercury and rated me PO!! C-D senior (an Irishman) was a right decent bloke, always had a smile on his face and could talk to anyone on the same level. C-D junior was the same and I'm not surprised that he's on the way to the top of the Diplomatic Service.

C-D senior now writes naval books under the pseudonym "Seedie" (geddit?? C-D = Seedie), his specialist area is awards & medals. Google his stuff, it's really interesting and well written. Top bloke.
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